Personal webmaster transition period has come

dear personal webmaster, brothers, whether we are still included in the problem of worry, hard to do the station has not how many IP, with IP, still can’t make money…… The first line of the struggle in the acquisition of the webmaster, you are aware of it or not, we call the individual owners, are defying the "cheating" flow? Always copy and paste the contents, quantity of PV and the IP number is always consistent, how long the webmaster can continue to live? Have you thought of as a webmaster of the future where is the


for now, the personal Adsense web site content is almost all the main picture, we call it "content station" for the time being". This kind of content stands endlessly on the Internet, similar or even identical, the content emerges one after another incessantly. So, how long can this "trash" content station still exist in search engine technology today, and I don’t want to say that we all know that the end of the content station is coming. Our individual stationmaster is about to choppy Internet is eliminated.

throughout the Internet, the power of individual Adsense is too small, too small, and want to compete with large portal popular keyword traffic is really difficult. So, as with a certain number of individual webmaster, we have nothing to do? No, we want to transition. We should gradually reduce the content station and change to the "function station".

The so-called "

function" is with the garbage flow based "station" corresponding to a new station, appeared on the network before the date of the sale of ID network ( is a typical example, the community forum on the Internet continue to close registration or invitation registration requirements, so that the community forum ID is slowly added, Taobao related content gradually increased, the market is very considerable. The site just seize this opportunity, to the vast number of Internet users to provide a platform for ID transactions.

ID is currently trading network is in the testing phase, the master is a typical 80, passionate, has a unique perspective on the development of the Internet, China belongs to the first generation of Internet users, the site also has 6 years of time, but always stay in the "station", although it had achieved good results, there are some economic benefits, but considering the development, he decided to shut down the flow of several good websites, devoted to his new dream.

webmaster friends, we really should consider our future. Absolutely no longer indulge in endless copying and pasting. We want to innovate, and we need to find opportunities like ID’s buying and selling nets, creating our tomorrow with our infinite wisdom.

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