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any game has rules, marketing is no exception, and every day of life is marketing (self marketing).

when you use improper means to deal with competitors, destined to enter the threshold of failure, sincere man, if the upper beam is not straight. Recently, there are a large number of users (estimated were 80) in 80 after the forum with the extremely abusive evil words fought, some remarks attacks, ridiculous behavior extremely violent. Shame, Party speech volume published, the owner moves shame be taken by surprise,.

My humble opinion:

, network marketing is the Internet as the main means to carry out marketing activities. The network marketing has the very strong practical characteristics, found the general methods and rules in practice of network marketing, more than empty theoretical discussions have practical significance. Therefore, how to define network marketing is not the most important, the key is real to understand the meaning and purpose of network marketing, is fully aware of the Internet this new marketing environment, use all sorts of Internet tools to provide effective support for the marketing activities. This is also the reason why the study of network marketing will cause.

must pay attention to practical methods of network marketing

two, the most valuable interactive and experiential part of the free of charge to customers, and then receive the most valuable advertising, browsing rate or click rate of money, seems to be the highest level of marketing.

three, at the same time, in fact, companies or projects, there is no best, only the most suitable. So I really don’t agree on what to do marketing projects at the same time, the way to belittle others, even slander, or even for a new boss scolded the old club, that is not in denial of their own past? There is gold, you just need to know what you feel for a place to tell the customer, highlight it, if need to step on the shoulders of others and to promote marketing, to show, then, first of all in the life and work on the momentum you do not have a certain height


80 forum webmaster appeal: after 80, itself is a controversial group, the concern of the generation, shoulder the responsibility of the 421 mode, once known as beatniks! 80, heart dissatisfaction completely can enjoy shouting, while the 80 is the forum a real scream place. Stupid behavior will be doomed to whole life, when the upper lip is next to the day, next to the lips, face no place to put a low-key, low-key!.

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