Share a 4000P 40000pv website do station experience

Hello, long time no write, everybody still remember me, first of all thank you for supporting me! Today is 20 am, just have time here to talk about my site do stand experience! I hope you can help



a website is done well, the key is to look at the IP and the ratio of PV! PV high, that visitors love your website, PV, that visitors open your site to leave, so although the amount of IP is not of much use. At present our website IP in 4000 PV close to 40000, the proportion of more than 1 in 10, although IP is not very high, but PV can reach 10 times, or welcome visitors, so here’s how I do my site


, a web site can not be too eager to succeed! Is to persevere, every day the update is updated, because the first day a visitor to your site to see the contents, but second days or see the content does not change, then the third day to day? The update is updated, the promotion promotion you know! Successful website not one or two days and have to make good mentality! Good website


two, do a website to do a good job site experience, that is, the site to be beautiful, but also in line with the laws of search engines, beautiful sites for visitors, is a kind of enjoyment, visitors do not want to come next time difficult!


three, do good advertising is collocation! What is the content of your site, then do what type of advertising! Website is certainly to make money, not make money website is so little to entertain people, so we can do that is cannot do without money, need money to operate the web site well, collocation appropriate advertising, so that visitors love your advertising is not very, but also do not resent your advertising, so will cultivate more loyal visitors, so PV can not


website will help! Your web site is to serve more people, but some owners are required to register what, what to what integral members, VIP members can service! You see, if so, will the loss of many visitors, if your site service is good, really good, so how many visitors can register to become a member of it, too much, so visitors will fall in love with your website! My website is to provide all free information, but I do not require a registered member, but why so many people to register to become a member? Oh, this is my website visitors love.

five, do content! Is the visitors find your site, and your site can service to visitors, let visitors benefit, visitors will continue to see, continue to benefit, and continually check, I like the screenshot, you can see that in October 19th, visitors can read more than 190 pages also, some read more than 170 pages, then.

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