Several techniques of site map making

doesn’t need a site map per site, but a site map is really a good tool. Site maps offer double purpose: they provide convenient access to all web pages of your web site, not only for search engine spiders, but also for the convenience of visitors to the site. The only difference is that visitors and search engines have different approaches to your site map. Because of the different ways to get into the site map, create a site map that is friendly to both the search engine and the visitor.

as long as all pages are linked to the main navigation, some smaller sites don’t need site maps at all. Once you get into the major and minor navigation menus, site maps can help search engines and browsers quickly find whatever they want. So you can choose to build a site map, use it with the search engine, and also use visitors, of course, you can also build multiple site maps. And what we want to talk about is to establish the site map that applies to search engine and visitor respectively.

builds site maps for spider programs

< 1>.Xml file

. The XML file should be placed in the root directory of your site and contains links to all other web pages. This. The XML file must be applicable, compiled, and put into a suitable one. In the XML document and go to the root directory.

< 2> Robots file

must place the.Xml site map file in a place where the search program is accessible. In your robots file, mark the site map: URL

< 3> keep update

, make sure you do. XML files are often updated and uploaded, at least when you add pages and delete pages. Large websites update automatically every month, week, and even every day.

builds site maps for visitors

< 4> navigation link

‘s site map for visitors doesn’t make any difference from regular web pages. All level navigation and the footer of the entire site should be linked to the site map page. This makes it easy for visitors to find every link.

< 5> additional page links

pages such as help pages and 404- redirects should be linked to the site map page. This helps visitors faster and easier to find what they want.

< 6> generalize

provides a brief overview over the site map page, which is very helpful. This is the best introduction to visitors to a direct landing site, map page, or visitors from other places.


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