Medical station stationmaster the skill that makes website link up experience

I do stand (Medical Library) more than a year, the website PR value from 1 to 4, and then to 5, until recently did not rise, where the skills and mistakes, little experience, in this communication with you.

for the first time from 0 to 1, this is no skill at all. It took 5 months from 0 to 1 and then to 4. A little experience (who post non IT Industry College Station Road 5 months PR from 0 to 4): first in the Baidu post Post Bar (later the site is down right, the worst when Baidu only included a home page, and so on), in addition to the students is publicity, through the QQ group etc.. Through these steps, IP rose a little. At that time, my goal was to update PR to 3 next time. I would like to use two ways: 1, to increase the content; 2, to increase the links. In the twinkling of an eye, 3 months have passed, and that a few days I often check whether the PR value changed. Finally on the last day of 2008, I found the website PR value increased from 1 to 4, was really very excited, because I never expected this, 3 is my goal, but rose to 4 really is the last gift to me in 2008. Although this may not be anything, but for a non IT industry people, I really satisfied. Here, I think the following is my experience (barely experience),:1, add content, often updated; 2, add links, the best content related web links.

and then tell me about the mistakes. After that, I did a lot of the chain, more than more than 60 times, regardless of PR level, PR is 0, as long as the chain is less, I also do, PR high outside the chain, I do not do. Now I feel it might be a mistake, because I see there are some websites that have very few outside chains (high quality) and still PR quite impressive. And I go through this period of time, to the last time and this October 30th update PR, my PR has no change, and familiar with some webmaster friends web site, some to 6, and some even to 7. So I recently removed some PR low links, I think the chain may be in the fine not much (unless you are particularly large). In addition, after I removed a lot of the chain, my station Baidu snapshot stopped at once, and probably stopped for 3 days before normal. So I don’t think it’s too frequent to update the chain, or the snapshot might be affected.

doesn’t have much experience, just for communication. Finally, I wish you all a great development and a great deal of income. Welcome to visit our website ( Thank you very much for your help!


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