Commonly used in station activities and website brand promotion summary

When the

website set up after a period of time, there will be a certain group of users, this time you need according to their website income appropriate held some station activities, so as to increase the site’s freshness can also increase user stickiness, and may bring you more traffic, following into the subject.

, let’s talk about the usual station activities:

1, the site of the QQ group, this is actually not a play, but still established a QQ group help increase website activity, but also facilitate the exchange and website users, the QQ group you will have a harvest.

2 and T building activities, this is the most commonly used activities in station activities, simple and practical.

3, review activities, this is also very common, but need to have a good platform (such as forums), A5 forums are often held review activities, ha ha.

4, comment to send prizes, if your site is in the station or similar site, allows users to comment on the article, and then select a user prizes every day, this is also good, you can see the website backstage comment.

5, invitation registration activities, this requires a certain amount of technical support, reward by registered users of the invitation, a site navigation station is such, the effect is good, but the number you should set a good reward, sometimes the user will give you a surprise. And you also have to do technical work to prevent cheating.

and then talk about the prizes in the station:

activities in the station, the best prize for virtual goods mainly, so easy to issue.

1, Mobile Recharge Card, now almost everyone has a mobile phone, Mobile Recharge Card as prizes believe users will not refuse, but the cost is still relatively large, at least 10 yuan denomination, ha ha.

2, QQ class of virtual items, almost all online people have QQ, such prizes are also very fond of users. As I am constantly in touch with this area, here is a specific introduction:

QB QB as the prize is relatively common, but the number of very good control, you can set the number of issued QB according to their actual situation, as for how to send, on the line to find some regular recharge platform on the Internet, but also in the pat Network Direct recharge.


Q Q drilling as a prize drilling cost more, if you are rich you can choose, following a do my own investigation, the picture sent to you as a reference:



3, and other virtual items, this can be based on your specific circumstances;

4, in kind, in kind as a prize, in fact, the effect is not good, but still specific analysis of specific circumstances, the Internet users are usually not cold, in kind prizes, at the same time, the cost is also high.

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