From the moment you become a webmaster

remember when I started to contact the site, contact the network, is the establishment of strong feeling attracted to their own domain name space. At the end of 07, I bought my own space, 2 yuan / month… Please do not laugh at me. I was really on a the concept of website are not. Their domain names are not registered, or call agents to help first registered domain name I: good domain name registration. I know what is called analytical? Which know directly with the domain name did not show up? Or the agent told me, to bind your host domain name, the domain name management in the IP, to resolve the host, after which I understand… Domain name and host. I installed Dvbbs version PHP2.0. At that time does not modify the PHP file. Installation of an afternoon are not installed. The result is a proxy The company helped me change the file. Finally I was able to open my forum successfully. It was really difficult at that time. It was just a little warm.

forum later built up, the first day of the IP rose rapidly because of a lot of friends… Almost all registered a number have not been. I feel very uncomfortable. But I also didn’t give up. Keep posting every day. Content is more complex, sports entertainment, animation and death.. pet… I was full of rub together… When I found that YAHOO included my station. A happy afternoon in the post. Suddenly feel that they have unlimited energy… A few days… Baidu also included a small forum.10. Their 10 full page…! for the novice me. Straight is a great gift, (then said Baidu does not receive the CN domain name)… So. A winter vacation in the past. I want to increase the propaganda when bad things happen…… website space more and more slowly. Often to find web pages. I frequently find agents. Results theory… To the end. I had to look for space… I bought in another space I know… Was also a backup database. But in my reply in the new space database actually wrong… I’m ready to… In the backup time. The original space because of the snowstorm, the cable broke leading to paralysis of the server… So… I spent more than a month and finally left a forum… A domain name registered with my people…

so…… my forum dream is over… The experience agent recommended me to do website… I thought. Can’t just give up so easily… Also began to sum up experience, 1., two dollars a month, space can not be used. –2. I see the importance of the database. 3. forums need a lot of popularity. It’s not good to just send a post.

with this experience, I do not intend to do in the forum, since no one replies simply do a station need not reply ~ in my online search, find dedecms (Zhi Meng)..>

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