How to use search search to do the chain

Hello everyone, small point of writing is not good, every time the article can not be sent to the home page, so I feel very depressed, but this can not kill me to share with you the experience of the mood. Each time the article is issued in line with the experience of sharing with you. Today to discuss with you about search, ask to do the chain of the problem.

Many people know that

in Baidu know the chain is the first choice, but I believe everyone knows Baidu know the audit of great intensity, generally difficult to keep a link in the answer, then Baidu not, then switch to Search ask, Search ask relative to the current fairly open and active, no less than Baidu know and we think, Soso Ask the background is a well-known QQ, a QQ, smooth Tencent products, while Soso Ask is one.

so, how to stay the best link here, small, to share with you, small search search, do some of the chain of experience.

one, answer the question,

What does "

" mean by answering? That means answering what is required of the question. Just as the question is about computers, you answer entertainment, so your answer is definitely PASS, so it’s important to answer that question.

two, director of answer

is a director for a skill of their own, the Search ask can be set at field, so we must make full use of this field to show their knowledge but also can add a link, to find a potential user.

three, team work,

brand effect is the truth, we all love to wear brand-name, brand name, to find a high point of the team let him help you a helping hand, for example, to find a TOP5 team in your answer, the answer will be displayed in the first row, and your answer is long, the questioner will take you as a the answer, some collection station will collect, then you can get a link.

so, the chain is not alive, should be good at using the brain, live is dead, people are living, but did not cross the river, did not go out of the ravine, believe in yourself, you can do. This paper consists of ( little joke Daquan feeds, reproduced please leave a link to me, thank you.

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