Four little flying squirrels Give you a promotion skills

small promotion, currently the most popular is Sina and QQ. Most Sina celebrities from all walks of life, QQ platform is due to the use of QQ software implanted QQ number, members appear more real, really, in addition, "zombie" users are relatively small compared to sina. This is the choice of platform to understand. Through a few months of observation, I can get four points of promotion, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. The integrity and uniqueness of information are a primary factor in attracting listeners. This is just like our QQ number. I don’t think anyone will talk to a person who doesn’t even write a QQ nickname. I take QQ’s meager as an example to introduce the general name, gender, head and so on. It is sure to make sure that the personal homepage, personal introduction and personal label should be written well. Unique personality is mainly reflected in the inside of your own, your meager is mainly what broadcast content, unique content is the introduction of the main factors, such as the audience: Chongqing beauty QQ little girls in Chongqing devoted to the life of personal information, will attract many male friends to believe.

two, how to broadcast, because she can only send 140 Chinese characters, her flexibility and her limitations. According to my personal observation, is the best small text + connection, text + picture 2, the first is dozens of Chinese characters as notice or brief appearance, then let your audience to click on a link to see more content or a related picture. Of course, the above 2 is not the case, the best you can try to write the contents of the full 140 Chinese characters, the content of what you have to say clearly to the radio, don’t let your audience look not clear.

three, in the process of broadcasting meager content generally can be divided into four types, one is professional content, that is to place your meager profile line, such as the introduction of SEO can broadcast: Baidu, little Bing and Google #SEO# five factors: flow into the number of links, accurate the matching domain name, number of connections to the root domain links, accurate matching connected to the domain name link to precisely match the.Com domain name (see figure).

second is for the audience to learn something. After all, a lot of people still enjoy learning, and this one way of learning, I think, will be a good fit for this fast age. For example, you see the article is very good or you write a good article in the technician to share it with you (to promote their own things, silent), and can also send some quotes, such as broadcasting: General Barton said: "there are two conceited people not worth a hair. I’ll change his position immediately after meeting such an officer. Everyone must be willing to devote himself to the task." "Once a man thinks he thinks he is great, he thinks far from the battle front.". This kind of man is a real coward."

third kinds of entertainment, there are good, funny, can also be sent out to share with the audience, too

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