n addition to standing but also a man

many people do not know why, the same is the site, he can succeed, and he did not succeed, efforts will not be less than others, perhaps more efforts than others. I chatted with a lot of people, "I am very busy, free chat. Has become a personal endorsement of the ordinary life of the webmaster.

when I was young, I was thinking everyday: how to make a fortune and how to study myself?. I have almost no time to rest, in addition to work is to practice computer, learn a lot of things, so I was pushed for three years, from the wages of 1000, down to 600, then rose to 1000, but the nature of work has changed, but more and more hard. Later, I figured out, I want to quiet, thinking, can not push the time. Then I chose to go home, stay at home for a few days thinking as insufficient, can decide the fate of the character! I got rid of many shortcomings, many elders and friends think I was a good man, you are willing to help me. Many webmaster like I used to, every day is thinking about how to cheat, make more money, how to learn SEO, increase IP, how black the opponent’s station. A station does not become, I do a few more, more do more tired, more do not earn money. So cycle, update three or four stations or more every day, and finally one day fell. To do one thing well is difficult, you have to do several things at the same time, it is like a bear breaking corn, in the end none.

I suggest: in addition to do stand, but also a man. You always see things from your point of view, and you’ll never improve. Although our individual stationmaster is independent, but should not be selfish. Therefore, we should pay more than a few mentors, if you are good artists, you can help others see where others art is not good. If you have good skills, someone gives you a black stop, so you can reach for it. If you promote it, help people see how to make other stations stand up. If you know 100 individual webmaster, take 10ip to you every day, 300, and if you add links, that is estimated to have 1000. I don’t believe you help people, others won’t help you, people who don’t help you believe that it is a black heart, and a minority of them,


I was a rookie, I know a lot of people, as long as your purpose is not directed at the money to go, as long as sincere exchanges, who can! The future will know more and more, I only know love stationmaster, also other website, I just interested in one, as a spectator, I see more clear. To do an industry well, it is cooperation, not crowding out.

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