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Baidu Yantai Wedding Network for nearly a year, suddenly aware of a difficult problem, that is the website, especially as our webmaster friends website, is the pursuit of the platform or the pursuit of the content of


"content is king" concept, has been an important direction of network development, in such a direction, many webmasters are doing their best in the "content" efforts.

Yahoo, then focused on the advantages of network search function, to develop fully, created a network legend. Today, the concept of "content is king", now Yahoo! Into a comprehensive information platform, to provide users more "content", a station type service package, the concept comes from the "entrance site" into "the end point site hopes to stay for final user related information without the need to leave.

so, what should we do,


don’t worry, look at the trend of the recent emergence of several network, Facebook network has become the first king of the new generation with an amazing growth rate, then the launch of Apple’s Iphone, Sina and micro-blog, but these have their substance


the above three examples are provided, rather than the content, use a good platform to stimulate the user to offer content, forming a virtuous circle, so the webmaster will no longer produce content and worry, content from netizens active behavior, looking at several major network stations, domestic Tianya,, and our A5 the reasons for the growth of the webmaster forum, also are the same set of logic, using the advantages of platform user active filler content".

so, should we be platform


, it seems like a tangled problem. From the web’s history, it seems that the content or platform is a successful example. And my idea is, don’t put your mind in the form of expression, a successful network model, to do is not content or platform, but "people",


sounds a bit iffy? "" can do


in fact, "people" is the root of all network applications, many webmaster have neglected this part of the power, we see many webmaster operations, access to Baidu and a large collection of the chain at the same time, but users could not be saved, the battle of failure, because you no matter why? Provided is important content, only the user’s mind an application option only, above the core attraction always keep you doing products.

any a webmaster, should not forget: "no matter what kind of website, it is in the snatch user time." Go back and think about your daily Internet usage, send and receive Email, visit the community, forums, videos and online games…… They take up part of your time, and only one thing remains the same: each person has only 24 hours a day, and goes to dinner, sleep, etc.

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