Novice talk about how to improve website traffic

this is a fascinating subject, but also the most difficult to solve the problem, especially in the more impetuous environment, a large number of acquisition, stop being Site, K, and a large number of acquisition,… Site… Actually, why not Jingxiaxinlai, steadfastly adhere to make a stand?! The following are my personal experience, and I am sorry to hear that.

The design of the

site requires some technology, and more understanding of the entire network, even if you put a lot of effort into it, but you may have failed,. So we have to try our best to rebuild our site and make it more attractive, and this is the key to improve the traffic. No good site, no one will like it. When we start rebuilding our website, please consider these questions carefully:

What is the position of

1. site?

: first, for others, that is, most people like the content; second, for themselves, that is, they like to provide content to others. Of these two types, the first is more accessible to everyone.

when you’ve fixed your site type, consider those people who should be your visitors. In fact, the problems in locating the site type, have answered, if you choose the type of literature, so love literature will be your visitors, so want to know who is your visitors, because in determining the visitor preferences, can have the confidence to provide appropriate content.

someone said that it would be easy to get ten thousand people to visit your site, but it would be difficult for these ten thousand people to visit your site again. So, you have to think about what makes visitors come again. Here are some of my experiences:

1. good user experience

stands at the user’s point of view to experience their own website, to see whether it provides users with convenience. Don’t be crazy about new technology, and don’t be lazy about nothing. In short, the user is paramount. For example, for web sites, it’s a good user experience to remember some of the sites that are commonly used by users via Cookie.

2. updates at any time

a long time no update site, no one will like, search engines do not like. But >

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