User experience simple analysis how to do a good job user experience

for the user experience, has been a link cable compared to the engine, especially the electronic commerce website, the user experience is especially important, first to know about the user experience, is divided into: satisfaction, tolerance, feedback.

satisfaction as the name implies, user satisfaction, on the site of tolerance, such as pop, user acceptability, to what extent is not acceptable, feedback of users, but also can be said to be the site of expectations, for example: in the time to visit Yan Cai women network, learned from the Baidu title, this website is about the clothing collocation, then the user will have a subconscious on the website of the expected value, if the harvest a lot, so the next time he will come to visit. On the contrary, it is the feeling of being deceived.

how do you do a good user experience,


first of all, that is, thinking, is the planning of some sites before the operation, such as domain name, good memory, site access speed, website beauty (especially my female clothing collocation site, more attention should be paid to the aesthetic feeling). ) and so forth, these are the embodiment of the user experience.

secondly, for example, color Yan woman, in entering the homepage of the website, I marked the eye-catching guide,

cited content:

follows the quote:

color Yan Wizard: if you are the first to come to this site, you can first see: site map,

is very eye-catching. First, you should guide users to quickly understand your website structure and help him find what he wants quickly. And I put most of the gold banner advertising as beneficial to the user search bar. It also helps users get information quickly.

again, the page structure to ensure that each page can link to the home page, especially LOGO, because users are already familiar with the click LOGO to return home, and I also added the article page questions plates, help users encounter problems, timely solve the questions. I use the Baidu club and the power of the people in Dandong to help the users (although the Baidu club is not recommended, but the resources are limited, and that’s the only way to do it).

you must understand your user community, their preferences, and then take appropriate measures to achieve the experience of giving the user a good experience. Well, that’s all. There’s time for everyone to talk to. Contact me:

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