Summary of problems encountered in the initial stage of a new station

many of my friends have talked about this issue, so I say there may be some repetition, but, more and more new Adsense influx, as some experience webmaster (of course I wasn’t) should remind these new comrades think, we also have had such at the time, when at a loss. In has gained a lot of experience, we began to grow slowly, in this process, we should always put their own experience to write out and share with you, you’re probably not accurate, but it is the experience in helping with our past and present them. In fact, I am not an old webmaster, so far, I have not made a more successful website, this article can only be said to be their own summary of the past period of time.

first, need a domain name to build a website, there are a lot of domain name suffix, first is com, then CN, there are other suffixes in use, in fact, the suffix is not important, choose a more appropriate website domain name is really reasonable, many webmaster about going to the establishment of the domain name when I think of this industry in the domain name, this is a once very lucrative industry, a domain name registration fee of less than a hundred dollars, but sold tens of thousands, or even millions of prices, this makes many people move, then joined the industry, but now there are few domain name investors can get so high in return, only a small part of early intervention in the money, most people are caught by the domain name, like the stock market, there are some people in the delivery of some tuition, sadly The launch of the market. So, since the decision to site, for the domain name should not be too concerned about, many successful webmaster choice of domain name is not very good, the key is to do the site well. In our website with a certain return can be considered to spend money to buy some good domain name, of course, this is something that many sites is the case, you might want to, the value of the domain name is more and more high, earlier than a good buy, if you have extra money to do this of course but we, who have so much money? So, select the domain name, do not be too persistent, too high.

second, the choice of space on the site, and now the network to do a lot of IDC service providers, so in the choice of space is very difficult. Many webmaster because this has suffered, I believe a lot of people have experienced: space business failure, poor quality of space, poor service and so on. In my opinion, the choice of space providers, the best choice of high credibility of the service providers, this problem has been talked about many friends, so to understand in detail, you can search in Baidu. I use the foreign space is hostmonster space that can also be part of the country to visit a bit slow, but the Beijing Netcom access speed is also good, and the space is large, traffic is almost inexhaustible. The overall quality is good, and the price is cheaper, so some friends can consider using foreign space, such as Hostmonster, dreamhost>

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