Talking about the success or failure of the station in the past two years


minor do station also has more than 2 years, although a lot of things not learned in A5, many also know some fur, here would like to thank the A5, the first station was purchased by A5. And he made a small profit.

first introduced my station, Weinan talent network (, you can go to search, each keyword ranking is one of the best, in the local area, to the point where the Internet is the top.

08 years at the beginning of the establishment of the station in March, what is not a casual online forum, installation, buy a space and then began on the line, do not understand what keywords, etc. on the line every day, no change, 7 days time, disappeared from the Baidu website. It will also continue to own matter, with the Internet to download a program, then, is now the site procedures, HTML format automatically generated recruitment and job information, is conducive to Baidu included.

later every day to collect local news information of other websites, of course, want to Title ah, content changes, and they often write a little hair up, adhere to half a year, the site ranking to Baidu first page. Don’t laugh at me. Now look, it feels too long. After all, I’m a beginner and, of course, PR has been upgraded to 2 for six months. Then change the link every day, and write articles, but there is no law to write articles, so often Baidu a few days do not receive, you can also say that the collection is not put out, wait until the big update will be a little growth. So webmaster do stand hair articles, try to regularity.

later, and through online learning, discovery is meager, the forum links more practical, trans to the fast, during the management also sealed bad account, but every day, then slowly increases the number of the chain, and a method is described on its website inside with links, each included there will be a chain reaction, but from now on, it seems to be feasible. Baidu for low weight sites, or a little small unhappy.

secondly, talk about the optimization of website keywords.

personally think that now the site, TITLE is not too complicated, the goal is clear, not sure if I should locate what keywords, you can go to the query, query the results is quite true. Of course you can learn, you can peer reference, how many have some help, but don’t refer to what old website, those are time and money out of the mill, they can use their own title, but that there is some far fetched.

followed by keyword, try to Title similar, no change is best. I don’t say much here.

again, the description, Google pays more attention to, but if you do Baidu, this little impact. I’ve looked at lower level websites, they change descriptions every day, but they have almost no impact

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