Wu Jian analysis of three common mistakes in personal website promotion


, there was a new friend who added me to QQ, talked to me about some promotional experiences, asked me how to quickly increase the traffic on their website, and asked me if IP was as good as possible… For such a question, I am sure that the answer is "not necessarily."". For the new recruits who engaged in website promotion may not recognize what is the site really need, and some misunderstandings exist in the work, always think "flow is king", today I will combine their experience to analyze several common misunderstandings under the new friends in website promotion the.

misunderstanding one, traffic is king

is actually a lot of website promotion of new friends all know the importance of traffic for a network, so in their daily work to promote IP, PV in the first place, as long as the method can increase the site traffic they try, including the brush flow (only a few tasks to do this).

my current promotion is a main notebook online shopping mall, I remember in April this year, when Baidu Post Bar do BBS promotion, at the time of the Jiangsu satellite TV "If You Are The One" really when a fire when I take this program as the theme topic promotion, mainly with beauty map or controversial words leave a link, clever, that time every day from Post Bar to IP about 2000+, but after a period of time I did not continue, because I found the flow through the analysis of the data is not what we really need, there is no practical significance. It can be said that each IP is only a value, in addition to nothing, the high jump rate will be detrimental to the long-term development of the site, is likely to have a lot of negative impact on the site’s brand.

Another example is

once in the online analysis of a website, this website is to do network marketing, their internal people revealed to me a traffic statistics report, the report shows the site daily traffic in more than 5000, but the PV is very low, the average number of only 1 or even less than browsing, what this shows this shows that? Website access depth is small, visitors are basically only visit the home page to come out, from another point of view can be drawn from these visitors almost all are "tempted" to enter the site, so for a long time, they will have to hate such a website, the website user without love that will eventually be abandoned by Baidu search engine.

: the need to recognize the different types of websites will have different goals and promotion strategies in different periods, so we must recognize the website in which period, the pursuit of the goal is what website, which belongs to the type (sales, information, forum, blog type), and understand the practical flow is what we need, especially the B2C website, do not blindly pursue garbage flows, should pay attention to the conversion rate of ip.

misunderstanding two, deliberately pursue new ways of promotion

many new people are not willing to use some conventional methods that experts often say when they do website promotion

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