Summarize the experience of establishing a local website

has just started to learn when the station, just buy a space, upload a source code, send data, put it there, I think the site to start, think people see, did not think it’s not that no one to browse, put there, after a year no one to ask the top space, domain name fee, fee, spent several hundred yuan, but not what harvest. At that time, I do not know how to promote their own website, now contact this thing for a long time, is to understand some fur, then to the web site associated with popular forums about some posts, posts, is not blind, just send some useless water paste, others see the upset, do not click on your link to send some useful posts, for example, to solve practical problems of small skills post, there are some tutorial posts, the best is original, carrying over, traffic is not too high, the tourists search posts are usually find the answer, if you have no post the answer is not to see people, not to mention the replies, the recovery rate is less post irrigation, to see people not much, post and into the restaurant for dinner is the same reason, the more people come here, the more Go in and see what’s the difference.

and the propaganda way is to write some text, published some articles in the Internet or the forum, which add a link to their website, these links are not intentionally added, at the appropriate time to add, let the reader feel you are doing propaganda, adding the URL of the website and in the context of the soft link up let the reader, under this curious heart, imperceptibly click your site. Again, if you have enough time, you can also create a blog, a blog can be all kinds of, not necessarily with related industries, when the propaganda on the blog about what skills and time on the line, if you want to know my friends, find a person related to your content in the blogosphere, can also find a link to the site, because of the time I have no experience to build blog, I only know that we have a colleague, she almost fifty years old, every day to write articles in the QQ blog, the article also has what, some mathematical language tutorial, about celebrities, such as Wikipedia, is really know the day Wen and knowledge of geography, every day there are hundreds of people to browse, which is higher than IP, clear my site of course, my website just code Dongdong, columns, etc. there is no good template, to publicity, publicity Transfer is almost zero, nor do optimization, but now is Baidu, Google search, I just a few questions in a forum, a few posts have been included hundreds of. Because there is no good, it is best not to the general trend of publicity, it seems that this network is too casual, the first impression is not good, many ways of publicity, I no longer say here, the above is just a few common publicity methods. Back to the topic, here, I want to say is, just when the station, I recommend everyone to be a good place to stand, so you can exercise their own ability in many aspects, some articles that place is not good to do, spend much time and effort, the limited scope of the flow of people > Co.

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