What is the inspiration of the success of BuzzFeed in the model of the door age

Abstract: BuzzFeed has visited more than 13 million users from all over the world every day, browsing at least 5 and a half minutes each time. How did BuzzFeed do it? What should the media learn from BuzzFeed?

In the new media age of "

", "no center" means "everyone is the center"". Tens of thousands of "you" choice, changing the media structure; countless "small people" to promote the "big age"". You chose not to see the traditional portal, Chen Tong chose to say goodbye to Sina, Wu Chenguang chose to leave the Sohu…… More attention, traffic, capital and talent are shifting to emerging mobile Internet products and platforms.

recently participated in a new media salon, a senior new media researcher put forward the concept of "portal" era, the prediction of the traditional portal is "I prefer to The mighty river flows eastward.", citing "post portal era", after all, the traditional portal is not to "severe tests".

backdoor era, the core goal is to win the audience

"backdoor era", the core feature is the strong push of social media, integration of the sudden emergence of the media, the media portal intensified transformation. The ‘post portal era "," the media people should treasure goods and market outlook, a good plan and then move, before production and launch of the product, we should make clear: where is the audience? How to get the audience attention? The audience, not flow.

The core goal of

‘s traditional portal era is to obtain traffic. The core goal of the door age should be to win audiences. The former takes the platform as the starting point and comes to me to eat, no matter what you want. The latter takes content as a starting point and eats my "rice" wherever you are.

at the moment, the portal showing a lower and lower flow rate, data more and more "false", the conversion rate is getting worse and worse trend. The original profit model with high traffic and high advertising costs is fading. However, it is difficult to change the KPI assessment which is based on the massive information, the mass editing and the super long layout as the basic characteristics. The pursuit of high UV, high PV, high prize editor survival style, it is difficult to change. This also led to the traditional portal for the pursuit of traffic and the pursuit of traffic, self deception of the status quo, it is difficult to change.

then appeared to exchange traffic between portals, to social media crazy throw links, search engines, navigation sites, buying traffic and other strange situation. To use an old saying, can only fool a moment, can not succeed.

"backdoor era", more important than traffic is the ability to reach the audience. In the context of excessive information, Internet users no longer care where to see the information. In the "back door era", how to make high-quality content to reach more audiences, is the media most should think about.

doesn’t go BuzzFeed

on the usual road

now, the mobile network based information dissemination channels general trend >

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