The most important function and significance of website positioning is filtering

said in the previous article that site positioning is a realistic and specific goal.

, and the goal — the meaning of Web site positioning — is to filter and filter the functionality and direction of a web site.

We are not only in the

web site often encounter the chop and change. With those cattle threatening words, is tempted. For example, to see this thing is good, want to do, not long after another good thing to see, want to do.

has worked as a planner or a Requirement Analyst, and a lot of times, the demand side has a wide variety of needs and wants to see whatever they like. But the money is so much. Can you satisfy him? Of course not. Because there’s so much money, you can’t do anything. To tens of thousands of blocks, said to be a blog, and the function of more than Sina, you can do it? Obviously is impossible, unless sina is a fool, others can do tens of millions of things can do, he spent millions.

now the demand side becomes ourselves. It’s easy to forget that resources are limited when we make things for ourselves. Immerse yourself in the N multi function pleasure and obscenity in if I had a inextricably bogged down in, news system, perhaps more than Sina, if I have a SNS, I would more than happy. Sina + fun – in the words of Japanese cartoons, is the presence of god. But we can’t do it.

that’s when the problem comes. Do I give up Sina or give up more than happy? It’s too hard to choose. This is where the role of website positioning is, positioning tells you what to do and what not to do.

for a practical example: a parent-child website to do information on two columns, infertility and prenatal education.

question 1: according to the location of the website, we should give priority to, or mainly to do which answer is natural prenatal education.

question two: if this time I tell you infertility this column, if you do, the flow will be 10 times prenatal care, which priority do you do? Is it beginning to hesitate? The answer is still prenatal education. Why? Then I ask you, "if a parenting website is infertile, would you be funny?"

at this time you will ask, why do I have to put a large flow of columns do not do, but to do a small flow of? I am silly, I change the name is not OK, it is called infertility.

first, and then do not flow, the whole world knows entertainment station traffic is much higher than the industry, according to this logic is not all the people to do the entertainment station? And you find the flow that you do, in a lifetime to change.

second, I also did not say whether the infertility crowd cry up wine and sell vinegar to this website, I assume that all infertility crowd came to your parent website, ask them what you can build? A bunch of infertility couples in your parenting website >

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