Grassroots webmaster site summary in March


1. station read initiation

2. looking for CMS

3. opens domain name to buy a space, begin to build a station

4. site March summary of success or failure

[a] like Taijiquan, I actually want to be a webmaster,

usually busy work, go to work and work, there is not much free time, free access to the Internet will play the next game, entertainment. Suddenly one day, I gave 80 years old, when the elderly Tai Chi Master shot training video said: "master, now Tai Chi Master is hard to find, if the fist friend exchange video sharing to more like tai chi how good is this?" and after a flash, now the Internet era, network world, if you can do a website, this dream is not difficult to achieve.

[two] rookie station, I use CMS

is a rookie, do not understand ASP, do not understand PHP, write your own website, I still do three hundred push ups directly. CMS can be heard as long as typing can do, then the search engine search, see three words "SEO" in the search for a CMS when accidentally? Strange, for just a circle of "quasi owners", these words are words, however, since the emergence of, go on from birth, ripe. Then a SEO friendly CMS is used as the site framework.


space problem grassroots election

for the monthly income is not high, I can only choose, choose a space of low price, then choose the lowest price in the online mall to buy the domain name registration, also completed, uploaded to the CMS after the station opened. This is May 3rd, mark, Oh [four] station station in February February half half? March? May 3rd opening to now is 2 and a half, how about March? Because I put "webmaster" time is also included, ha ha.


website is the main content of relevant information, such as practicing Taijiquan boxing, passwords, video tutorials and practice experience etc.. During the period I have been black once, but I don’t know which kind of person helped me to come back. Thank you, that kind hearted man.

is now ranked ALEXA on average 780 thousand a week, with an average of 1 million 300 thousand in a month. In March, the average is not finished. It hasn’t been in March yet. Hehe, the Sogou Rank:45 Valley PR legend will take 3 months. For a rookie, this data was still not satisfied, the birds to fly higher, ALEXA integrated 50 thousand. Hope ace:


well, write it first, because of the rush of time, no writing. I hope you don’t ha.

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