Discussion on developing and developing moderators of forum administrators

a good jar, not one or two people can support it. I have done a lot of BBS administrator, put all the energy in the external promotion and make their own vest, crazy posted above. Paste page after page, or no popularity, in fact, this is the past grassroots webmaster site thinking to do bbs. We evaluate a forum or standard, or whether the first interactive enough, ChuangJin chess feel good when treated by the administrator is fine, no matter what, people mobilize others and not let yourself in front of constantly on the run. The true identity of the administrator should do behind, is the core of the management and development of management forum moderators, good service spot bamboo axe. When the archives of the forum when the forum, does not want to go up at a certain time are not possible.

so what kind of people have a good moderator potential? First of all is the best young people, young people active thinking, willing to accept new challenges affairs, passionate heart; secondly it can guarantee a large number of Internet time; thirdly, there is a certain professional knowledge, because the theme of the forum is different, such as pet website version the main pet experience, animation website have to accept a large number of animation influence; finally, the best to be gentle, if not, at least it is characteristic of the rational analysis of things. A person with a moderate personality can set up a rational culture in the forum, so as not to change the forum from boisterous to noisy. There should be at least one moderate coordinator in a version, especially the chief moderator.

network is a "Jianghu", each community is always hungry for excellent moderators, talent competition is endless. Good people come from? Is a dig the corner directly from the same forum; another is from his foster jar.

05 years, I have done a test forum, at that time the first energy, on the same industry in a leading forum in the dig. The first is to dig dug expert, the opportunity to exchange a very short, you can put more effort in a forum for one person, and others will start from the one or two face to face, and say you are judging the value of the thing. This experience let me know when the digging people do three things: let them know our appreciation for him, it is best to indicate his a forum or a blog (post); let the other from our speech accomplishment, find a lot in common, such as common love, good approximation the concept of. In the post back to the post, said some very insightful words is a shortcut; finally, you need to reveal what are the advantages of our community, and his resident community compared to what are better and more ideal things, sometimes the reality is we don’t have, it should find out the community recently people complain about this problem, there is absolutely no wish for our community.

when you move a cattle man, the Domino effect has, and we have the opportunity to take away his former community friends and Fans.

compared to dig their own forum, forum moderator (chi cool) cultivation is a more normal, >

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