Analysis of the problems and solutions in the initial operation of the website

construction site is easy, difficult to operate websites, it is like playing Jiangshan easily, and defend the country as difficult as the truth. Relative to the construction site, even without any technical basis of webmaster, need only a one-time investment to obtain full-featured Web site, but if the site operations are outsourced to other institutions, so for the webmaster, as an investor, not a business man. When a new website is built successfully, it will face many problems, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, website content construction is difficult. With the implementation of Baidu Scindapsus algorithm and the original spark program, a web site to be successful, there is no original content of a certain size is difficult to achieve. And for new websites. A few days ago may in the website operation a little new content every day, but after a period of time to update, many webmaster will be thinking of the problem of exhaustion, with no subject can write embarrassing, so many webmaster began opportunistic, that is through the acquisition and reproduced the way to enrich the content of the website. This is to let the site to the fire to roast, always will be the danger of damage.

second, the website operation direction is indefinite. This problem seems to be the direction of the operation will be formed in the site construction, but a large number of statistical analysis, there are many owners began to make a new start in the initial operation, give up the operational direction of the original set of operating personnel, today website, website information classification operation tomorrow. And the biggest factor of this kind of problem is that the webmaster has the mentality of eager for quick success and instant benefit. He always wants to succeed in a short time, but he doesn’t know the problem of "Haste makes waste".

third, website marketing method. Many owners began a full range of marketing website in using the website at the beginning, to a variety of platforms to send the chain, although the work is very hard, but along with the transformation of the Baidu algorithm, for the quality of the chain is more and more high, many owners are still blindly believe the chain for the emperor "ancient Xun", resulting in a web site marketing is a thankless task, even so Baidu suffered punishment.

for the website in operation at the beginning of the problems, can be from the following aspects to solve. The first in the website content construction, to do step by step, don’t eat a fat one, from the original and reproduced collection and comprehensive use of these three aspects, a little more, the proportion of the original reproduced, at least this way through acquisition, enrich the content of the website, but also can make the content of the website in a relatively short period of time plump up, but also by the high quality of the original increase the weight of the website.

second, be persistent and confident. Don’t change the string easy to withdraw, to know the website operation way although it will require some creative and luck, but and the head of the persistence and confidence are inseparable, of course, persistence and confidence is from the spiritual level, more importantly, in the operation of the site prior to do market research, Baidu keyword research index and market competitiveness, to avoid the continued change in the website operation period through detailed planning.

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