Grassroots webmaster will have spring

as a grass root webmaster, every day is always busy from dawn to dusk, in order to stay up late, is to make the site profitable, did not want to, the network of rice, not so delicious, money is not so easy to make, from enter the network at a loss, the day mixed in Internet, chaotic life, becoming a sick now, to follow the prescribed order work, maybe you will say it is the passion of the past, you might think it is rational, in short, to live a normal life with passion, without loss of reason, passion and not indulge in them. Normal work and rest, for grassroots webmaster, mud is precious. "Health first, work second" is the so-called principles, not chaos, there are plans, not busy, comb your work content, spend some time, sum up, formulate corresponding plans, will live very sunny.

so what does a grass root webmaster need to do in a day? Let’s divide it:

1, understanding the Internet dynamic

business website or website practitioners, one must pay attention to the Internet is dynamic, the occurrence of some event or some person interview, or some experience to share, is a precious wealth for us, after all we are living by knowledge, network information, fast changing, grasp the mainstream dynamic and the idea is very important. For example, my website is about the software automatically recharge it, so every day I have to pay attention to the official website, what is news and information, and whether the software upgrade, or software that is what new tutorials, and so on, these are my website content filling material. Another point is that I want to do is the key, how to optimize the station, so I need to Admin5 tutorial, seowhy learning, good experience, good argument copied, to become their own material.

then my habit is to pay more attention to the A5 and seowhy home page every day, yesterday and today have to be carefully read, you need to find the content, copy backup. Moreover, there are many excellent articles recommended in the forum,

is also an area of concern. This is to write soft text accumulation of material, want to be a qualified webmaster, this is indispensable. I’ll spend the morning doing it. Benefit greatly.

2, finishing copywriting, filling website content.

according to the accumulation of previous articles, combined with hot network, keyword selection, comprehensive consideration, determine the title of the article, the article lists the outline, the frame is completed, and then according to their own understanding, one content filled in an original article is complete. Of course this time of writing is not good, mainly to see their own play, can be short or long, must not digress. The process of writing is a process of learning as well as a process of reflection. There are always people complaining about the difficulty of originality. In fact, as long as you write and write, the harvest is definitely greater than the value of an article

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