How do stand through the record

, I have three or four years of Web site, right. What’s the beginning? I don’t understand the domain name, buy the host, do blog, toss and turn, no gains and rewards. Really understand how to make the weight and flow in the second half of 14 years, and teach me these stations, that is today’s protagonist.

station is not how, not to disclose the specific circumstances, only to loose brother said, in order to verify what I said is just personal experience, today only talk about, how I not stand on the successful completion of the record of experience, to provide you with a reference.

phase 1 would like to block the AA IP. My record is in Ali cloud, before it is off the station, this time I do not want to, I want to shield the Hangzhou and my capital IP direct access, does not shield search engines. As a result, the search code failed and the policy failed.

the second stage, confusing the bureau. Communication Bureau staff do not know whether the civil service or institutions prepared, in short, need not like video sites, Kam Huang division as conscientiously work people. So, as long as we let them check when the page can not open, OK.

in order to achieve this goal, I have adopted a strategy that only resolves www these two level domains @, which is directly parsed into a web page that cannot be opened. Here should pay attention to, do not do not resolve, because some browsers can not open when testing, will automatically increase the WWW jump, which will lead to the audit does not pass. When I first put it on record, Ali just called me up because he said I didn’t stop.

only this is not enough, because Ali cloud and authority staff may not only look at the bare domain, will add their own WWW, so they will be betrayed. In order to improve the pass rate, I used two different suffixes only to apply for the record.


is when a smoke bomb, fodder domain name can not be too expensive, not to get rid of the record, to see the price, I chose the.Top domain name suffixes when a smoke bomb, although Ali cloud only 8 dollars a, but I did not buy!!! Yes, I didn’t buy, no buy the domain name record success.


then, I will submit the aliyun audit, Ali cloud look at my first stop before the preparation, then open the contents of qualified, more than 6 points should have time to work through the audit, Ali cloud, the site can not be opened, status updates to wait for photos: audit.

second days, photos review, data review through, the data submitted to the communications authority.

is waiting for 12 days, my domain name WWW as usual analytical, have also been able to access, until today, in January 19th, I received a short message and e-mail aliyun and Communications Bureau, told me the website for the record through the audit.



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