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their every revision, every little button movement, affect the mood of tens of millions of users



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in a bitter product manager peer chat, a new PM frequently said to be a cross time map application to strong Chinese, I joked that it is better to be a good and not over the wall of the erotic website can achieve the purpose of strong Chinese. He told me to anger, as if I say a great insult to their intelligence and ambition.

well, then I’m going to do popular science to see who has the capital and despises porn &. With a few words on sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height: don’t look down on what they don’t know.

1, data

goes to see the Alexa rankings, and now the twenty-sixth place is the world’s largest porn site, Xvideos. Behind it, there are Sohu, Phoenix, Tmall, Alibaba, these Chinese well-known websites. 12306.cn is ranked 828, even with porn sites if the shoes do not deserve mention, the Ministry of Railways to grass eclogite to the legal acquisition, at least in the load and stability on the website is not so much downtime accident. Even the corporate culture are not changed, "which starts at seven, you can buy travel tickets to Harbin!" the 1024 uniform "lzhaoren," "1024," 1024 lzhaoren ", lzhaoren".

according to the famous technology blog ExtremeTech data, 4 billion 400 million Xvideos visits each month, think about the flow behind the web architecture / server / page loading speed index and so on, which is the one that we can ignore? After all, for this type of website, light pictures and text flow has been very impressive, but for the pursuit of the website, must push video to be competitive. The pure bandwidth of the second YouPorn is six times that of the famous video site Hulu.

continues to take YouPorn for example, according to its official data (this time up is really looking for data.)…… ) they have more than 100TB of raw data, while the number of visits per day is more than 100 million, and daily data transfers are 950TB. In software, Redis is used for data storage, and the HTTP server is Nginx. The Redis server needs to process 300 thousand page requests per second, recording 8 to 15GB of data per hour.

their every revision, every little button movement, affect the mood of tens of millions of users. When the man who prepared the grass root tissue, locked the door, pull the curtains, jump to jump when the line, you suddenly found "404- this can not open the page" or "video loading.

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