Local talent network user group analysis how to meet the needs of all types of users

local talent net main user group can be divided into two categories: recruitment companies and job seekers, how to meet the two kinds of users? Almost every city has a local talent net, the essence of the website is to meet the needs of users, the local talent network in operation before, must be careful to analyze the characteristics and psychology of users. For the recruitment of enterprises, this part of the user wants to select a high visibility, traffic and more local talent nets, and job seekers is so natural, and hope that through the talent network job. But talent network early station, there were not many people know of this station, site needs a lot of content, this period is also the site put relatively large, need to do advertising or activities to attract recruitment companies and job seekers to registered members. Back to the topic of this article, first analyze the psychology of these two types of user groups:

recruitment Enterprises: increase the exposure rate of Enterprise Recruitment Information

On the one hand, many enterprises in order to

recruitment recruitment required talents, on the other hand is to advertise their business units, usually paying talent in the Internet, as is generally the annual fee, the enterprise may soon recruit talent. But the fee has been paid, so simply to keep the advertisement on the website, job seekers will often browse to the enterprise, of course want to hurry to attract talented people own satisfaction, so it will certainly require the recruitment information for job seekers to see more. But one person online there are too many enterprises, users want to see your recruitment information, sometimes it is not so easy, in order to meet the demand of enterprises, the author suggests that can increase in advertising, one can get a cost of advertising, and this part can meet the needs of business users. This is the best of both worlds planning, but the initial stage in the cost must be noted. Originally website’s popularity and brand have not done, this time advertising costs can only be cheaper.

according to the specific conditions in different places to design a special page, for example: I used to browse the "employment talent network", it is for certain types of web pages are more like some factories in the city by the sea, so the demand for skilled jobs such as relatively large. If the local talent network in these cities, then you can design a topic page based on these types of work, or on the site to display this part of the information priority. As the amount of network needs talent, you can put it in the back, so the aim is to quickly find the job seekers interested in the position, I feel also can join a contrast function. Just like in the electricity supplier website can contrast products, contrast allows users to see the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises, such as treatment, work environment, etc..

job hunter: hope to find a suitable job quickly,

nowadays, looking for a job is not an easy job. Every job applicant wants to find his or her suitable job quickly, especially those who have just graduated

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