Earnings of the road crowd of white Formica female website

is well known that women’s Web sites on the Internet are very profitable. Have a profitable female website is also a lot of people dream of things, the Internet all kinds of female web applications are many, many owners including the author also tried, all because of similar content, promotion difficult, no traffic, ended in failure. Recently, the author in browsing some "tall" website found a secret, just suddenly realized, the original "Bai Fumei" female website is not our grassroots webmaster can play up. Below, the author opens the mysterious veil of feminine website profit for everybody.

first, we open a network (for fear of trouble, here is not that specific website, you just open a station there), move the mouse to the last page there is a fashion advice column (screenshot below):


see what comes? You may say is normal ah, not what is not the same!! this all the content is advertising, you click on any picture or text, will jump to another site (site name is not exposed, trouble, you know), is a the Fan Ye white skin beat stars, "sanshierli" interpretation by white beauty. You can say this is a very normal page, don’t worry, then give us above:

I have

in the red circle before, click into a sales page (screenshot below), we all see, my own observation of this website, her every article with this product sales page links.


model is very simple: to buy large advertising to the site, drainage to guide users to browse content (can directly copy from the Internet, without the original, because there is no need to search engine) to guide into the product sales page to users under a single transaction to collect profit. That’s easy,

you may say, this I do wrong, I can not do!! first of all, you have money to buy advertising, this is not a small number, to hit a 1 million. Secondly, you have to have a team, choose a good product, customer service, logistics, etc., grassroots webmaster, you are not a universal king, this one can not do it. Third, to continue testing, in the final analysis or funds, not burning money will not be profitable, grassroots owners certainly can not burn money. Of course, if you are tyrant, saw this article, you can try ah,


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