How do traditional enterprises introduce nternet thinking

3 keywords: traditional enterprises, the introduction of Internet thinking.

"traditional enterprise"? What is a traditional enterprise?

in my point of view, succinctly speaking, the traditional enterprise is mature before the big development of the Internet, not in the first wave of the Internet to take the opportunity to transition success of the enterprise. Traditional enterprises are characterized by a stable production model and business model, stable business sources and fixed channels (precipitation more, output model is also standardized). Conservative, the desire for novelty is not high. The market characteristics of traditional enterprises are also distinct: 1., the market competition is sufficient; 2., the existing market share is stable; and the growth scope can be expected to be 3.; the acceptance of products by customers is relatively high.


is actually an attitude problem, relates to the introduction of the key words, there is no Internet thinking here began Xianshanloushui gene. In my opinion and attitude is in question, this argument to explain a bit too obscure, vivid example, apple Andrews machine popular at the beginning of the revolutionary experience, young people will not consider the issue will not be used, to buy back playing again, because he felt that he must play turn, because he is such a default mobile phone designed for him, he was in the era of revolution. There is no such thing as "can’t play". While the same period of an elderly (our parents in the example of the majority), will worry about whether it will use, that cell phone does not fit for their own, and then there will be lost and disoriented. Must inquire about, hesitate repeatedly, and then decide whether to start with an apple or samsung.

used the "Introduction", has been excluded from the "Internet thinking" that wave, the company’s subconscious mentality inadvertently exposed.

here, some people may want to jump out interrupt me, this topic clearly focus on "how to" 2 words, ask the method, you can immediately dry cargo preaching tuition FAQ, you pull the "traditional enterprise" and "pull the introduction" words are but too? No, not if the analysis of the characteristics of the traditional enterprise and traditional enterprise mentality, in the process of the integration and use of the Internet thinking is likely to make mistakes. My specific analysis is as follows:

first, since we are excluded from the group with the Internet thinking, then into a strange environment will have no sense of security, the negative attitude is shilly-shally, dare not use cheap price scheme, scheme fear naught, led to long delays in the project.

second, with the increase of other successful cases, internal and external pressure as mentioned above increase the time cost, the sense of urgency coming early insecurity swept away, hastily began to make snap improvements, and hopes to promote the professional network operating company project process, it took the best price, the system does not do in the stream. Get what you don’t want to see.

"Internet thinking"


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