Location analysis of tourism websites the difference between single view tourism and multi view Tour

Hello, I am an established four tourism website owners, to now fourth websites I gain a lot from the establishment of a tourism website, and now I see a lot of travel websites have sprung up, when I look into these travel sites, there are many webmaster and sigh, I walk in the road of today I write a travel website, hoping to help the tourism website owners.

many travel websites are a site to include many tourist attractions, for this practice I disagree, as a personal webmaster should concentrate on doing a local tourist attractions, travel more easily than the single view of tourism management, easy to optimize, please look at the following decomposition.

single King tourism domain value is relatively high, for example, if you want to do the Bamboo Sea tourist attractions, you can select the domain name is Shunanzhuhai, it can give you the Bamboo Sea website ranking Tishi quickly to the home page, this is the domain name itself weight value. And if you want to do more scenic tourism website, then choose the domain name Shunanzhuhai is not enough, you should consider positioning every tourist attractions, such as the domain name can not be attached with the weight value, adverse to optimize.

look at the single attractions tourism website users interest, many Internet users on the Internet in search of tourist attractions to see is not in the first or second sites, more is to meet the search Pinyin website, if the user when the word search of Bamboo Sea, see the first and second domains are not Shunanzhuhai, while the third is Shunanzhuhai, I believe that many users of the psychology in thought, third websites is the real official website, as for the first and second directly ignored.

single view of tourism website management more easily than many tourist attractions management, can give a very simple example, if you run two or more tourism projects, so in terms of personnel management, project funds management, target management will spend a lot of time, time consuming and may do is not good, because the competition is too big. While tourism attractions website does not have this problem, regardless of the content of the website is the collation, picture arrangement, capital control, target control are easy to put in place, this is known as long as do fine, many webmaster breath to eat a big fat man, for I don’t agree with this idea, we must remember to do fine than more money.


first started tourism website is my breath for a few tourist attractions in the web site, but every one of the attractions of the rankings are not very good, then I only do a tourist attraction, with the exclusive domain name, the timing of the daily management, not to the 2 months, the site row in the Baidu page, now visits per day is 200+, many local travel agencies are also looking for my advertising, income is also good, this is fine.

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