Discussion on the benefits of establishing independent blog by internet marketing staff

do network promotion, especially in SEO and most of them have a personal independence blog, but really do better but not much, not doing well, and the purpose of the blog is not clear, as the webmaster familiar Moonlight blog and Lu Songsong blog, whether popularity or profit is circle do good, here by me this rookie Li Liang as we analyze the establishment of an independent blog the purpose and benefits of



1, use blog to do keywords ranking hand

SEO for the novice, see more information, training and learning more, not to practice you are a novice rookie, but for a lot of black hat SEO technique is not very understanding, dare to take the company’s website to do the test rankings, if used the black hat tactics by Baidu K, then the consequences not only to be dismissed, be unbearable to contemplate, and may compensate for the losses! So to establish their own independent blog, set good keywords, and then learn the knowledge optimization out how much do the optimization results, a few words to practice first


2, record your growth and harvest in this field

When you

a lot in QQ space: a mood or a diary, a friend will refute you, in fact, they simply do not understand the industry, do not understand your mood, position, pressure, you can publish it in your own blog, let more peers understand you, comfort you, pity you, learn from each other most of the time, you will understand each other! To a problem study for a long time, when a moment clear, you really want to put the solution down to next time and forget, record your thinking process, rather than just thinking about the results, for a problem never learned to understand, from understand to the familiar, from the familiar to the master. A long time later, when you become an old hand, before looking at your own writing, it is also a memory and accumulation of resources!


3, make friends with colleagues, communicate with each other, learn

in the network marketing field, most of the blog keywords is network promotion, network marketing, marketing consultant, SEO and so on, if you want to reduce the difficulty of many of these words, in front of the addition of a region, the most competitive, the largest area should be +seo, if the rankings do better if there will be a lot of students search to your blog to learn, you see the message, consult, stay in contact with friends, exchange links and so on! For a long time, you know, for example, the blog is bad, but there are a few loyal visitors,

is very happy!

4, the use of blog ranking, and then optimize the list

a lot of veteran SEO use their spare time to do rank orders to earn a living, and even some in order to receive more of the list, one is engaged in several blogs, want to put a word will be home to occupy the home! Do more should be +seo, because.

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