Figure Wang user demand = website profit point

in January 11, 2009, by the Shanghai owners association organization, Chinese Fukuoka, calmly co sponsored by 365, caifutong, net results NSFocus, Chinese net, Gu Le nail network and a number of units, Chinese red Union, common support and knowledge of marketing planning agencies, news release in cooperation with partners such as line that carries a lot of glory and dream Chinese grass-roots Internet Conference, will be the first Shanghai Cultural Festival to a climax and small website gorgeous closing. A total of 1000 colleagues from more than 800 sites participate in the conference, the theme of the web site for the upper and lower search. The following is the webmaster network Wang’s lecture content record.


Hello, everyone. Let me give you a brief introduction. A lot of people don’t know me. Adsense network Wang, I recently attended several webmaster assembly, from Xuzhou to Suzhou, and then to Chongqing, and then to Shanghai, and tomorrow will go to Beijing. Why do you want to attend the webmaster meeting? On the one hand, it is propaganda, and more hope to communicate with you. Now in the Internet circulating a saying, subprime mortgage crisis, the financial crisis. I’ve been wondering, what is the relationship between the financial crisis and our personal webmaster? Does it matter? In fact, we have a rational analysis, it does not matter. Are those relatively large sites, they themselves are very expensive, once there is no money, the site is very painful. Our website itself is not what the cost, we have cost? In addition to their own human, basically no, click of the mouse then ten pieces, where the crisis? Put this idea further down, in fact it for us, instead of crisis and opportunity.

why is the opportunity? First, the number of Internet users is increasing. More people will be laid off next year, and more Internet users will increase.

second, many traditional companies fail, then the traditional industry companies are up to the network, because only on the network to the most cost-effective, most economical, from this point, we are the first batch of owners the opportunity to come.

now many webmaster basically speak about two problems, but also the webmaster most concerned about two questions: how to make money, how to promote?. What we do is around the promotion and make money, more straightforward, only four words. I suggest that only technology of webmaster, there are many network timers are suggested here owners don’t play technology, the year after next year, large numbers of laid-off technicians, large numbers of unemployed, we will not itself technology, we don’t want to do the above.

I’ll talk about profit later. I met a station owner in Shandong five years ago. He made pancakes. How much do you think a pancake selling website can make a year? Three hundred million a year. That’s not everyone to sell pancakes, there are many webmaster may be prone to such an idea. At web game, we put down the work, see what the wind, his work stopped immediately, along with others to squeeze, squeeze head.

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