Gourd monk do seven key points of news marketing

news marketing can be said to be more commonly used as a means of network marketing, enterprises or individuals continue to make news for themselves or products to speculation promotion. Then, the use of manufacturing hype news to marketing what are the key points need to pay special attention to the following? Gourd monk to share with you, do news marketing seven key points.

one, clear target direction

no matter any news marketing plan needs to have a clear goal of crisis public relations, brand communication, enhance sales or increase business or personal reputation, targets do not change frequently, the corresponding work on the target.

two, select the route of transmission

if planning the news, soft Wen did not find the right way to spread, there is no large-scale dissemination, then it will be fruitless results. So the choice of spreading the news media must be mass media in the industry such as Admin5 station network, local sites such as Beijing qianlong.com, forums such as Tianya forum, the mass media can only choose to expand the scope of news spread, caused a great sensation. Remember, the purpose of news marketing is not accurate, but to expand the scope of communication.

three, in-depth understanding of media

how to let the media to report your business or online shop, the most critical point is that you have to understand the media, to understand the media positioning and column features. General daily attract more easily, because the daily need material too much, basically the lack of news material, if you press more easily related columns correspond to the newspaper with soft words, especially in the two or three line of the city, we must use the principle of reciprocity to dealing with the media, and the characteristics of the media column the summarize of various media preferences.

four, news objective and fair,

news news releases should be standing in the angle of media objective and fair coverage of the truth, so we think this thing is real, credible, authoritative, can produce the effect of news.

five, follow the laws of the press,

remember the false news, false news or news news is certainly not reliable, can make the news, but the key is that the news you made to stand up to you carefully, don’t make the news for news. For example, one year in Shaanxi Apple sold, the local will think of a way to make a special news, known as expensive apples to the pigs, of course, this news is not considered, the last attack lies not broken. Follow the laws of the press and don’t walk back.

six, reject negative news

positive reports can brand points, luster, and negative reports will make the enterprise brand damage, before making the news marketing will need to clear the direction, to ensure that every marketing money wisely, to spend on brand addition.

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