Enterprise website how to use micro blog for crazy micro blog marketing

now we see micro-blog more and more popular, we have to admire the charm of micro-blog, less than 140 words can let us see the power! It not only allows us to find the social justice, more important is the micro-blog has a huge and potential commercial value. However, we have seen that many large enterprises and even state-owned enterprises have not yet been involved in this field. So, in the face of such a taxi market, we should learn how to carry out enterprise micro-blog marketing?. I think it’s a simple and affirmative answer to a question that doesn’t need to be answered.

A. first of all, the enterprise micro-blog should have a clear orientation and strengthen content construction

enterprise micro-blog can locate a new media authority (micro media), business leaders or business leader micro-blog (micro propagation), micro-blog (micro communication service), product release micro-blog (micro PR), Market Research (micro marketing), officially because the micro-blog has a different location, so they the content of construction is also different; the official micro-blog (authoritative media) content more authoritative, enterprises can publish the latest developments, the latest development of enterprises, and foreign enterprises an important speech, of course, can also be used to display the brand image;

is the enterprise leader micro-blog executives with personalized micro-blog, in the industry’s speech has very strong response, intended to become the public opinion leader, so he can go through his speech on micro-blog to influence the user concept, let them follow the enterprise identity, enterprise value, so as to bring huge economic benefits for the enterprise.

customer service for micro-blog to strengthen relationship with the enterprise customer communication, reduce conflicts and business users, and the users can hear the opinions, respond quickly opinions and make timely treatment; micro-blog products found great news business and fast processing, more urgent as public relations with; of course. He also used to release new products, at the same time to let the user know more about the product. Market micro-blog through the organization of micro-blog market activities, breaking space and time constraints, to achieve interactive and micro-blog marketing;

two. Key factors influencing micro-blog marketing in enterprises

is a large enterprise of small micro-blog long tail keywords with enterprise culture, value, and other related services, a group for the micro-blog name, such as the first in Sina and micro-blog has many sites with long tail keywords to attract and increase search engine traffic, to achieve an advertising effect. Different enterprises, micro-blog positioning, but often with an enterprise that requires a wide range of positioning, different micro-blog together to carry out all and a large number of micro-blog marketing, which requires specialized departments to operate.


play is a high skills of live, play enterprise micro-blog is a significant engineering time-consuming physical consumption mental, which can help enterprises to try a variety of software tool micro-blog marketing success, here I recommend micro-blog marketing solutions domestic first-class brand, of course, all of these can be found on the Internet that is easy to push Sina >

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