Try a rural site is not a small glimpse of untapped market

doesn’t know why, suddenly want to write something today, usually in the Admin5 are diving, wait and see, rarely come out to take a bubble. Today come out to take a bubble, there must, where

predecessors door don’t laugh!

imperceptibly in this circle, mix 5 years! 04 years on the technical school, studied computer science, love on the site of a strange combination of circumstances, then get out of hand when the passion that has been retained to the present. I have to admit I was a failure of the webmaster, because " fight " so many years did not really do a website, not a station to do 10000 IP! Not to mention income. Network is really a very magical place, many people dream of getting rich overnight, but many people keep that dedication every day, with the intention of managing their own "half an acre of land."". Feel that they have been playing edge ball, a lot of time that they have problems in thinking, can not find a way to break!


see here you might think this is a self review, OK now. Today I mainly take the imagination of rural Internet form "! A few years the Internet in rural development is very fast, I remember when I was 08 years of home town, we opened the first more than 20 machines of Internet cafes, the unpopular scene as a group of hungry snatch looting a big fat! This analogy is not an exaggeration, perhaps out of curiosity for new things for the sake of that force people to the new things to know! So every day is full, the Internet there are students, there are farmers, some chat QQ, some look at the first turn of the agricultural knowledge. This year the local government in the great popularization of rural science and knowledge do propaganda, perhaps you would think the farmer uncle is not the Internet without culture, then you are wrong! Instinct of desire is very strong especially for

new things!

when I went back 09 years, the situation changed a lot again. At that time, the Internet has now expanded into hundreds of medium-sized Internet cafes, the environment can be roughly the same city and county! Just a small town, the development of Internet cafes to reflect the local market demand, I dare not imagine me 10 years to go back and there will be unexpected changes to


so, as the webmaster, we see some of what? Here is my point of view to do, there is not comprehensive place, also need webmaster friends try to play, to innovation, think of new ideas!


, we often complain that we don’t know what to do. If you’re still playing edge ball, you’re still working as a garbage dump, and still living on Ctrl+C Ctrl+V every day, I think it should be changed,


1 computer to the countryside, soon almost all computer TV like every family have! The farmers ploughed back to the Internet, see what is today’s news about the outside world know! Look up on the crops, planting in online learning some knowledge! If one never touched a computer people, light >

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