The analysis of the network marketing rogue technology in community websites Part one

The following

techniques according to the historical summary of overseas Chinese tea way do not imitate the consequences!

By 1, post

rogue machine

often in each community overseas Chinese tea way to see this: "live psoriasis.. Group buying network….." Telecom broadband offers…" ,".. Tile buy…" Substitute provident fund… In urgent need of money"…. This method is the most low-level gangster marketing, post users to buy rogue software, rape of the audience’s eye. Careful study, in which illegal fraud as the main feature. Coping style: don’t believe psoriasis. Don’t believe in "old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine". Don’t believe in cheap and impractical.

typical case: once encountered Long Valley tile sales manager, told me, in the Internet to see too long valley tiles X fold buy information. He said, "Long Valley has no such group buying price, with how many people will not give; these posters must be low prices to defraud owners, from the profit.".

: 2, "rogue media"

technique: "how XXX decoration company?" and "how to XXX cabinets?", "who knows XX tile store where?" then, the thread must be: "good service, good quality….."

identification: very simple, you search the post and thread of all the speakers, if it is a landlord, he certainly has its own community, he must focus on not more than 2 communities, sent a lot of posts. Absolutely not the owner of a teahouse up went to the home they talk about.

crack: send such a post company, may not necessarily be JS. But at least this company in a tea house on the mix of short time, brand awareness and recognition is not high. If you have to choose these companies, seriously home improvement diary to see the real owners of the evaluation, we talk about the search in the near future, there is no relevant complaints.

: 3, rogue false diary


a hard "owners", have just registered, directly went to the decoration diary edition. "He" spare no effort to recommend their home improvement company or a certain material. "He" in addition to these "packages" or "products", there is no personal life, rarely communicate with other owners, very little attention to other products. "He is a living Lei Feng, very positive to other owners whisper, email.

crack: only care about a company or product, there is no exact selection process, never have their own community "owners", some owners choose this is false! "Owners" recommend something, thought not, recommend practices dishonest means that the business is not whether the integrity of the evil

: 4,

rogue whisper

new up a few days, an owner, who do not know. One day, whispering, "surprise?"

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