My journey is the future Show you the most important trends in Web Design in the 2015


year round, summary is very important. However, the conclusion of the article, the total number of unavoidable questions, what will happen next year, Well, it is time to look forward to the future. In 2014 the emergence of web design trends in a number of impressive, more and more ghost button, parallax scrolling is ripe, single page design has also become an important carrier of many design techniques, Coding web design platform free and gradually began to benefit the designer! We had summed up the excellent website how 2014 the use of design trends, here a review: "gluttonous feast! Best of 2014 20 excellent web design"


of course, some design trends are just a flash in the pan, but some are the fruits of natural evolution. When we look at the transparent control panel technology in "Star Trek" spacecraft in the full sense of enterprising, and iron man’s helmet in the HUD interface, the total can not help but ask ourselves, why don’t we UI mobile phone and web design so? Finally after a few years, we see more and more different attitude in the ghost button. In the background of "grand and magnificent, flashing light. The evolution of this design, they are born in some corner, then push on the Internet under Xinghuoliaoyuan. Here might know about the rise of the button: "ghost zhigenzhidi trend! 2014 worth mastering" ghost "button" trend.

More and more screen

around us in different sizes, designers from all over the world in the brain also emerge in an endless stream of ideas and inspiration, so web designers not only to make the design more compatible screen, new design also have time to know what is going on, is popular.

1, more flexible typography


With the increasing demand for content presentation,

users and designers will present new specifications for text and content composition.

fact, web publishing and traditional graphic layout have great differences, but in the upcoming 2015, you will find more and more traditional sites began to transition, gradually abandoned the small font + dense layout design. In fact, this is nothing new, as early as 2006, the web design community has gradually changed, but it is difficult to give up traditional web site design style and rules for many years.

has shown that there are 3 main factors that affect web readability:

1, font size

2, column width

3, line height

research shows that larger text sizes are more conducive to reading content on the screen. Web designers are now beginning to improve response type page layout, typography and between images, the overall structure of the closed.

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