Talk about three traditional promotion methods which ones are useful

what is the traditional way of promotion? As far as I know, there are blogs, forums and QQ. The three way of promotion is relatively old, has been followed to today, and today the three ways to promote the changing patterns, but despite this, emerge in an endless stream! There is micro-blog, the three ways to promote the webmaster has gradually been forgotten! What these three kinds of ways in which there is wide

is more effective?

first: blog

talks about blogs, and Sina blogs represent them. Why? Because micro-blog did not appear before, Sina blog is a celebrity, star gathering place, and Sina rely on, Sina blog weight is how high, everyone should know something about. But when a lot of owners and marketers are using Sina blog to promote the Sina blog quality was low down! Baidu on the Sina blog of the weight is adjusted, the Sina blog now than before. But to rely on the blog to promote the optimization of our website, the premise must have to do one thing: a blog! To publish original articles to the blog every day, to a period of time, we can use blog promotion. This is a relatively long period of time! So in the present age, this way is not suitable, to spend more time, but the weight of sina has been low, promotion or website optimization get less return


second: Forum

if you want to use the BBS to promote, the most simple and direct way is the BBS signature function. This is a well-established way of promotion. Very simple. You sign up for a forum number and you’ll almost have a signature file of no less than 80 characters. And most of the forums’ signature files support hypertext. But as far as I know, the chain of Baidu LEE seems to point out forum signature now has no difference on the website optimization promotion, this forum signature links has been regarded as the garbage outside the chain, the biggest feature is the lead spider, but a long time will have an impact on the whole website weight. Now, I no longer carry out the promotion of the forum, because there is no effect. For two months, I have been using BBS’s signature file for posting. Replies have nothing to do with it. Still rely on website content quality to attract Baidu.

third: QQ

QQ is very old, the website is almost QQ, the previous QQ there are many kinds of ways of promotion, but whenever a new QQ promotion way, follow the trend of the special promotion, with more, nature will slowly lose promotion effect originally. So now QQ there is still a little promotion effect is QQ group promotion. A QQ group of hundreds of people, if your content is good, and attractive, hundreds of people should have dozens of people click. You promote QQ group of 20 500 people a day, it is impossible, so I think the QQ group promotion is the most convenient and effective now, but >

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