Mall how to do a good job site traffic introduction

for just online mall website, operation is a little difficult. Stationmaster faces the case that the website of the mall does not have long-term concern, want to get ready, absolutely cannot lose information. This kind of situation is every novice webmaster will face the problem, as long as you find the webmaster method, mall website operation will become very simple.

we all know, just online mall website, the major search engines will not included. Why? Because the search engine is reviewing the mall site. Therefore, the webmaster during this period, you must make the content of the mall site, regular updates and quality improvement.

, but all this seems to cater to the preferences of search engines, and the main purpose is to be able to import traffic to the mall site during this period. So, in the end how can more traffic into their mall site? Now, with the Swiss science and technology will share with you Adsense for many years summed up the mall site drainage method.

one, add social interaction plugin

adds social interaction plug-ins to the mall’s website, such as Sina, micro-blog, Renren, Tencent, micro-blog, QQ space, and so on, with its own account tied to it.

when users comment on items purchased on the mall site, they can publish their comments on these social platforms, plus pictures of users buying items.

this will not only improve the mall’s exposure rate, but also more conducive to the sale of goods on the mall site. And in this word-of-mouth style, better able to bring traffic to the mall site.

two, visit your counterparts mall website and leave a message

personally, I think this approach is not too sincere, and is clearly against competitors. But I also have to admit, this kind of message really can bring a certain amount of traffic to the mall site.

frequent visits to the mall’s website, and also leave a message to attract users to their mall website. The message is not directly in the form of advertising.

so, what exactly should we do? For example, we all have Taobao accounts, each with its own personal center and someone else who can focus on you. Then we can inject the link of the mall website into our own personal center. Placed on your avatar and nickname, is the easiest to click on the user. In this way, traffic comes naturally.

three, more information release, improve brand exposure rate

release more information, not published everywhere, not only the amount of attention, but also pay attention to quality. Our preferred place to take into account is easy to be included in the search engine mall website, and paste it or forum. Their own authority is higher, and more popular, can be included in the possibility of greater.

as long as the mall site brand started, >