Electricity supplier marketing target force Ali mother help segment market counterattack

with China’s per capita income levels rising and the rapid rise of the middle class, the demand for the consumer market is becoming more and more subdivision, thus creating a new blue ocean electricity supplier.

September 22nd, by the Alibaba group’s marketing platform, Ali’s mother sponsored the 2016 "smart marketing China Tour" series of activities, second stations landing in Hangzhou. As China’s leading electricity supplier marketing platform, Ali mother relying on Ali big data and Taobao, Tmall and other media matrix advantages, for the electricity supplier customers launched nationwide tour marketing activities. The theme of the event is market segments counter attack, explore market segments, focusing on the development trend of intelligent marketing, build electricity supplier customer communication and interaction platform, and jointly promote the development of intelligent marketing. The follow-up will also launch double 11 special events, covering more electricity supplier development of first tier cities.

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analysis of data from Taobao, the past year’s consumption upgrade, product segmentation trend is quite obvious, in addition to women’s dominant position can not shake, is the fastest growing general merchandise and food industry, snacks, nuts, specialty, tableware and other industries by more than 50%.

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Ali mother observed that consumer demand for the consumer to enjoy life gradually from the practical service consumption changes, which is now the talk of the upgrading of consumption, in essence, is the functional requirements of the products from the most primitive to multiple segments, the individual needs of development. Whether traditional brand or Amoy brand, or even a humble personal shop in the market, the more clear their positioning, the stronger the competitiveness.

Ali mother market director Wu Hao told reporters, taking Miss Candy as an example, one or two years ago, cosmetics category has not yet formed a distinctive brand pattern, and nail polish is one of the very few vertical segments, only the nail polish color cosmetics brand of a product. This just gave Miss Candy the opportunity to rise suddenly, she firmly control the nail polish this single product, with only a year to become the breakdown of the category of the first, the growth rate is staggering.

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business, training a large number of "smart" consumers, their access to information and product channels more easily, more intelligent, the electricity supplier’s past through the simple price war will be the era of traffic. But the Chinese consumption upgrade and full electric means of smart consumers not because of their pursuit of high priced or luxury goods, but they have the ability to identify the product quality to compete, willing to take in the price range, they want to get the best goods, they will pay attention to comprehensive cost-effective products, such as brand, appearance, quality, reputation tonality, etc..

therefore, only when businesses clear their own positioning, for their audience to draw an accurate portrait of the shop, it can target force, so that marketing more accurate.

smart marketing helps businesses pinpoint