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Abstract: only the adult products B2C industry will reach the output value of tens of billions of yuan in 2017, and the demand for sex is the most primitive and basic human instinct, and its market prosperity is bound to be approaching.

in 1982, the people’s Music Publishing House decided to publish a book for improving the social climate and promoting correct values: how to identify yellow songs.

book of nearly 5 words, included the guiding ideology of music Chinese major artists, such as the PLA Art Academy cultural work department director Zhou Yinchang, the opera "white haired girl" writers of Qu Wei, song "little swallow" composer Wang Yunjie, they will be Teresa Teng’s "Rose everywhere", "when would you come again" as a "sugar coated poison", "the sound of sexual temptation and spiritual paralysis agent", on behalf of the capitalist society "an incurable disease", trying to earnestly warned young people not to fall.

however, even with the top-down ideology based on the lecture, Teresa Teng’s songs are still the mainstream interest and talk of civil society, from the "Cultural Revolution" in the turmoil out soon people began to leave the collective will, the release of hormones from class struggle to individual value. "Listening to Deng Deng (Deng Xiaoping) in the daytime and listening to Deng (Teresa Teng) in the evening" is also a vivid interpretation of the contradictions and difficulties in the concept opening of China’s ancient country.

until 1997, "hooliganism" was removed from the criminal law, and the memory of the absurd years had been watered down. Historical data show that in the year’s "strike hard", like dancing, sexual relations with more than the opposite sex, and even wearing too exposed clothing, are punishable by the death penalty can be the highest criminal act. According to legend, a man who was sentenced to death for having sex with more than 10 men in the dying woman surnamed Wang, said such a sentence: "freedom is a way of life for my choice, my this behavior may now be advanced, but 20 years later, people will see it."

her words came true, but the lost life was not redeemed.


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always on tenterhooks.

is ashamed of talking about sex, which is the common policy of China in the era of unification. As Kangxi spirit, on many national laws of erotic art intervention, selling "novel obscene word", it is no need to be one hundred, three years of exile. On the contrary, when a country or dynasty is not stable, the anti multi belongs to the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Republic of China world of glamour, is a story.

The transformation of modern Chinese

in the last century, the end of the system, again by market economy drive, opened with Chinese characteristics of "sexual liberation movement". The most notable sign is that sex education was formally incorporated into the subjects of Chinese secondary education in 1988. Despite the fact that there are still many criticisms about the implementation, the "tension" has been put on the brakes.

China’s first sex goods company