How did personal websites grow in adversity in 2009

as of now, China’s Internet users have reached 3. 1 billion 600 million, still maintain the number of Internet users in the world. The rapid development of the Internet, coupled with last year’s CN domain name 1 yuan activities, so that the number of webmaster surge. More and more users into the station, in the current unfavorable economic environment, our country appeared a piece of stationmaster start-ups, according to statistics, the number of personal websites in China has exceeded 30 million, among them, the personal website mainly focused on Web2.0, search and e-commerce and so on, such as blogs, online, regional portal friends, website, forum, video search and other types of web sites. Obviously, the development of personal website is developing into a new economic model that can not be ignored, on the one hand, to some extent alleviate the increasingly serious contradiction of employment, to allow more people to choose the network business; on the other hand, will also promote the development of the Internet industry, let more emerging Internet companies to create more value for society.

How do

personal websites grow up in adversity,

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‘s personal website, is the power source of the development of the Internet, in the unfavorable economic environment, how the personal website in adversity? Personal webmaster is not the most important, but in the operation of the site in the process of execution, of course, understand the technology, is certainly good for the establishment of the station in 2009 years in the reduced graph king said advertising alliance, has been a threat to the survival of individual website, so before doing personal website, we need to fully consider the positioning of the site and the profit model, must find the website development direction, to improve the personal website of the advantage, in order to grow in the face of adversity, I have a website several years of experience, from the beginning, always adhere to the present, while in some interviews, he also wrote articles about my experience of the site, said that under the following How will my personal website continue to grow in adversity this year?.

personal webmaster needs strong execution and cooperation skills,

muzike, in technology may not be very strong, but this does not affect the development of the website, because as long as the money, you can get a technology website, website creation, also make the site more advantage in the competition, the main ways in which to improve the execution of the


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maybe some will say, how to site PR does not represent a website, but you can see whether a webmaster in the effort, and in exchange connection process is very important, others will first ask your web site PR, if PR is low, others may refuse to, I often encounter this problem in the exchange connection will, later how I let the other side agreed to exchange with you, now to talk about, how to improve the PR, if the owners have heard the assassin’s predecessors lecture, you should understand that if we increase PR, Assassin’s predecessors said is right, googpr is in the interpersonal relationship on your website you, the webmaster circle of contacts, can effectively improve the pr>