How does a forum have quality

also recently because of e-books, but previous knowledge have forgotten about, I want to love the next tutorial ebook forum, watch tutorial, but found the site not yet open, leaving a home page, then search for the next Baidu, found that the site has been shut down for several months. In desperation, only Baidu, want to search for other forums to see, but the search for a long time could not find second good e-book exchange forum, only blind to download software download sites to find their own way, download the software also is a problem, about 1 days if I haven’t fix ebook. Love ebook forum, e-books would do a good job. I just don’t like an e-book users, only one of millions of people, so the dependence on this forum, as can be imagined other hobbies e-book users, although I love ebooks temporarily does not exist, but from the perspective of her forum operations is undoubtedly very successful, her close to a lot of people.

at that time, I was thinking: as a station, it is necessary to do a meaningful forum for the broad masses of users, the forum itself needs to be valuable. This reminds me of my forum address is:, the new Yuyao forum, the main: Yuyao Yuyao talent | life | Yuyao rent | Yuyao secondary trading | shopping in Yuyao. It has been more than 1 months since its establishment. When it was first established, it sent an article in Admin5. It was puzzled by the operation of the local forum and persisted for a few weeks.

now I decided I stick to it, I want to do a quality forum, truly serve the young people in Yuyao forum, Yuyao young people to make the first interactive community, also welcome comments, welcome to Yuyao Forum:

here, I would like to say, I think a forum how to have quality, a little superficial opinion, I hope you testify.

1: the content is one of the most important forum, as a forum administrator must be a good network of editors, to find the related properties of high quality forum posts to the Forum on the Internet, only useful, users will find you the jar, you can register the jar, will stay.

2: atmosphere, a forum atmosphere is very important, and now a lot of articles mentioned this problem, but how to create a suitable for their forum communication environment is very important.

3: popularity: any person to enter a domain name to open the first jar must be seeing some of the top figures of this BBS, such as today’s post, the number of the members, the general post, more representative jar development is good, may stimulate him to register. How to ensure that every day you need this popularity, mining, some say big forum, flow is very high, but the post is not much, as the mop day post is not a lot, if the increase in popularity requires the use of good theory.