nternet business success six promotion effect statistics and analysis

internet promotion is a big topic, but for the website, how low-cost and effective marketing, allowing users to know the site as soon as possible, is the key to the site after the establishment.

one, website preparation before

two, great energy word of mouth promotion,

three, new website traffic promotion strategy


network platform for rapid promotion website

five, through the offline promotion website

six, advertising promotion effect is quick,

More than

content details can be "Internet Business Success Road (six): site marketing and integration promotion" reading.

seven, promotion of actual combat, advertising, promotion,

Ali mom is a new online advertising trading platform, which belongs to the advertising alliance. It puts forward the concept that "advertising is a commodity", so that advertising is presented as a commodity in the trading market, so that buyers and sellers can easily choose the products they need.

advertising in the Ali Mama, there are two ways, according to the long billed advertising, that he wants to put the choice of site, then according to the time of the ads, this way is suitable for advertising to large website. The second is to click on the number or the number of times to buy advertising, this way only after the advertisement has been paid to click, the advantage is that the ads will be displayed in multiple sites, there is a good promotion of cost-effective. Here’s a brief introduction of advertising.

first step: in the mother of Ali advertising, you need to apply for administrative accounts first. Then login advertising management background, select "new advertising plan" to increase a ready to launch advertising.


Figure 3 Ali mother’s advertising management panel

The second step:

can choose the "billing package" and "click" and "show billing" advertising promotion, the choice here click billing advertising, then add in the advertising input of advertising headlines and advertising language and advertising content panel, click after entering the URL and other information.

After the

ad setup is complete, select the type of AD and the target group that needs to be put in. In Ali mother, you can also choose to put in the region, if the site for the user is regional, you can choose the designated provinces and cities, will help enhance the actual effect of advertising. You can also set up special advertising channels, select the channels you want to launch, will increase the probability of advertising matching, and help the smooth delivery of advertising.


Figure 4 added click billing advertising

third step: then set the advertising budget, you can set the price of advertising words Click, that is, each click the highest willing to pay the price, the higher the price, show machine >!

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