US midterm results could delay new trade deal into 2020 watchers warn

first_imgOTTAWA – Canadians are inspecting the new U.S. political landscape following midterm election results that many believe have added fresh trade-related uncertainty.The Democrats’ majority victory in the House of Representatives could mean the ratification of the recently struck United States-Mexico-Canada deal, known as USMCA, will have to wait well into 2019 — or even until 2020.Experts predict the pact will eventually gain approval, but until it’s ratified businesses will have to deal with considerable unknowns as they try to make longer-term decisions on export strategy and investments.“There will be a lot of uncertainty for a number of months and that uncertainty is not good for Canadian business interests,” said Lawrence Herman, a Toronto-based trade lawyer with Herman and Associates. “There is a chance that the Democrats would agree to have this deal approved. On the other hand, as we’ve heard, there are those in the Democratic party who don’t want to give Trump and the Republicans any kind of break whatsoever.”Dan Ujczo, an Ohio-based international trade specialist, said it will be a “political miracle” to have the USMCA voted on in the spring.March, he added, is the earliest the deal could be voted on in Congress. Before that, the practical aspects of choosing a new speaker and committee chairs’ settling into their positions will take up considerable time. He also noted the 2020 U.S. election season will likely begin as early as spring 2019.“We’ll be lucky to get a vote in 2019,” said Ujczo, a partner in the law firm Dickinson Wright. “I think we’ve got to realistically look at 2020.”U.S. trade deals must be passed by both the House and the Senate, where the Republicans strengthened their majority in Tuesday’s vote.A senior Canadian source with knowledge of the trade discussions said Wednesday that Ottawa doesn’t think the midterm results have changed much in terms of timing when it comes to USMCA’s ratification. They insisted ratification has been considered dependent on calendars in the U.S. and Mexico all along.While Ottawa expects the Democrats’ new majority in the House to lead to political battles on trade, the feds are comfortable there’s widespread, bipartisan support for the U.S.-Canada trading relationship, said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter.The U.S. political parties, the official added, will need to find areas of common ground and Ottawa thinks USMCA will be one of them.Capri Cafaro, executive in residence at American University’s School of Public Affairs in Washington, said she doesn’t expect the obvious divisions between the parties to hold up USMCA’s ratification for too long. Cafaro, a former Democratic minority leader in the Ohio state senate, expects the deal to be very early business in 2019.The Democrats have traditionally stood for free and fair trade, she said.“It is more likely than not that this might be an area where Democrats could work with the Trump administration and push it forward,” she said.“I don’t foresee it being an issue, but you never know.”Canada should also keep the worst-case scenario in mind — the USMCA fails to pass Congress and U.S. President Donald Trump decides to terminate the deal.Trump has repeatedly called NAFTA one of the worst trade deals he’s ever seen and he did so again at a news conference Wednesday. He called on the Republicans and Democrats to come together in support of the deal.“USMCA has gotten rave reviews,” Trump insisted as he addressed reporters.“Now is the time for members of both parties to join together, put partisanship aside and keep the American economic miracle going strong. It is a miracle — we’re doing so well.”Canada will also scrutinize the midterm results for other cross-border impacts, including the fate of the Trump administration’s painful tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from north of the border.Unifor president Jerry Dias, whose union represents auto workers, said now that the midterms are over Canadian MPs from all parties must apply more pressure to secure the removal of unjust tariffs he argues were imposed to score political points with the Republican base.But neither Cafaro nor Ujczo expects the U.S. tariffs — which allies, including Canada, have responded to with countermeasures of their own — will disappear any time soon.“I think barring significant market forces — that may have even more significant political implications — I don’t see the tariff issues going away,” Cafaro said.Ujczo said he hopes the tariffs are lifted by the USMCA signing at the end of November, but he noted there’s an increasing expectation in the business community that the levies will remain in place well into 2019.last_img read more

Leaked Recording Algerian Security Will Not Go Easy on Protestors

Rabat – A recording allegedly of top Algerian officials discussing the 2019 Algerian election has been sweeping Algerian social media, angering Algerian activists.The leaked recording is allegedly a conversation between Abdelmalek Sellal, the former prime minister who is leading President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s campaign, and Ali Haddad, the chairman of the Forum of Business Leaders (FCE).In the conversation, Sellal said that the group supporting Bouteflika’s fifth term “started to withdraw.” Read Also: Algerian Police Arrest 41 Protesters Opposing Bouteflika’s Re-ElectionHaddad then replied that the group was “afraid.”Sellal also spoke about how ministers had not managed to get last week’s protests against Bouteflika under control.He said that he was also surprised that the vast majority of ministers stayed home last Friday during the massive protests against Bouteflika’s campaign.Sellal said that the government would instruct gendarmes to confront the protesters, and the security service would not go easy on protesters.The recording has not been authenticated, reported Algerian news outlets. However, Observe Algerie quoted one source who said that he is “certain of the authenticity of the recording.”The source added that he had two hypotheses about how the recording got leaked.“The first is that there is a group within the system who opposes the fifth term of Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The second is that its a maneuver to spread messages and fear among protesters.”On Friday, February 22, a massive crowd took to the streets across Algeria to condemn Bouteflika’s campaign.When Bouteflika announced his campaign, a group of Algerians launched a campaign using the hashtag “Let_Him_Rest,” emphasizing that the president is being pressured to run.Algerian security services arrested 41 protesters last week. read more

Australia can do more to improve situation of indigenous peoples – UN

James Anaya, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, said that during his 11-day visit to Australia, which wrapped up today, he was “impressed with demonstrations of strong and vibrant indigenous cultures.”He noted that he has been “inspired” by the strength and resilience of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to move forward despite having suffered due to racism.Such historical forces continue to make an impact today, with disparities between indigenous and non-indigenous populations especially severe in terms of life expectancy, basic health, education, unemployment, incarceration and access to basic services, Mr. Anaya pointed out.The Government has implemented many initiatives to improve the socio-economic conditions of indigenous people, he said, but some of its initiatives raise concerns.Of particular concern, the expert said, is the Northern Territory Emergency Response, which authorities characterize as an “extraordinary” measure.Under this scheme, there are community-wide bans on alcohol consumption and pornography, as well as an income management regime and an imposition on compulsory leases.“These measures overtly discriminate against aboriginal peoples, infringe on their right of self-determination and stigmatize already stigmatized communities,” Mr. Anaya said in a statement.President Kevin Rudd, in his apology to indigenous peoples last year, called for a genuine partnership between the Government and indigenous communities to move towards a future “based on mutual respect, mutual resolve and mutual responsibility.”Although there are several successful local indigenous schemes, in concert with the Government, “I also heard many accounts of situations in which Government programmes fail to take into account existing local programmes, hampering their ultimate success,” Mr. Anaya said, adding that there is often duplication of efforts.The Rapporteur, who reports to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, serves in his role in an unpaid and independent capacity. 27 August 2009Despite strides in improving the situation of indigenous people in Australia, an independent United Nations expert today called on the country to build on that momentum to close the gap of “indigenous disadvantage.” read more

Middle East peace talks must resume without preconditions Palestinian leader tells UN

The spirit of international cooperation that last month ended the deadly conflict in Lebanon should now be applied to resolve the question of Palestine, “the root of all the conflicts and wars” in the Middle East for many decades, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told the United Nations General Assembly.Addressing the Assembly’s annual debate, Mr. Abbas called for the unconditional resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and an end to the suffering of his people, warning of the devastating impact on the region if these issues are not resolved.“Without resolving the question of Palestine, and the continuation of the occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands since 1967, the elements of tension and conflagration will keep the conflict alive, and will keep the door wide open to all forms of violence, terrorism, regional confrontations and global crises,” he said.Mr. Abbas lamented that the Road Map, the peace plan sponsored by the diplomatic Quartet (comprised of the UN, the United States, the European Union and Russia), and other international initiatives “have reached a state of stagnation and even regression.”He blamed Israel for imposing pre-conditions on talks and yet simultaneously maintaining a “frightful siege” of Palestinian territory that includes military checkpoints, the building of Jewish settlements and the demolition of Palestinian homes.President Abbas said he has been trying in recent weeks to form a government of national unity, one that is bound by previous commitments made by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), including the recognition of Israel, the renunciation of violence and the entry into negotiations towards a two-State solution.“I want my homeland Palestine to be a homeland, not a prison, independent and sovereign like all other peoples of this world. I want for Jerusalem to be the meeting point for the dialogue of all prophets – to be the capital of two neighbour States that live in peace and equality.” read more

Ohio State mens soccer defeats Bowling Green in overtime

The Ohio State men’s soccer team needed more than 90 minutes to defeat Bowling Green, but the Buckeyes eventually got the job done. Ten days after defeating Michigan in overtime, OSU took the Falcons to an extra session on Wednesday night and won, 1-0 on freshman midfielder Brady Wahl’s first career goal. Wahl took a long throw-in from freshman midfielder Adam Gorski and buried it in the back of the net in the fourth minute of overtime to pull out the victory. “We had that trailing run all night,” Wahl said. “We were bound to get one and we did. It was a good ball by Gorski.” “Everytime we get one of those long throw-ins with Gorski you think we’re gonna get an opportunity out of it,” said head coach John Bluem. “It’s just dangerous. It doesn’t surprise me that, finally, a chance fell to one of our guys.” The match showcased stellar performances by both teams’ goalkeepers. OSU (7-4-1) junior keeper Matt Lampson had 5 saves, including a big stop with 20 seconds left in regulation. BGSU (7-3-1) redshirt senior keeper Miguel Roasales had 8 saves after replacing an injured Michael Wiest early in the first half. The Buckeyes had two near misses in the first half of action, with the first coming in the 27th minute when a header into the net by junior midfielder Sebastian Rivas was disallowed by an offsides call. Nine minutes later, a Gorski throw-in was headed by junior defender Ben Killian toward the goal but was defended by a BGSU player who appeared to be standing inside the goal when he knocked the ball away. “I looked over at the linesman and he was just standing there,” Killian said. “It looked like it was a goal to me, but maybe he saw something I didn’t. At the end of the day, it is what it is.” Bluem said he hasn’t seen the video yet, but it looked like a goal to him as well. “We thought we had two goals in the first half,” Bluem said. “Didn’t get either one of them. But the guys at least kept after it.” The Falcons had two big scoring opportunities, but were turned away each time by a Lampson punch at the ball that sent it over the crossbar. “I think we did phenomenal,” Killian said. “We stayed tight, Lampson did a very good job back there communicating with us and overall it was just a good performance.” Wahl said the team is looking forward and hopes to keep the victories coming for OSU. “We needed to keep things going in the right direction, keep the wins going,” Wahl said. “So you can have a shot at that ring.” Bluem said he was impressed by the Falcons’ performance and that his squad beat a quality team. “Bowling Green is a good team, and the record that they have is no fluke,” he said. “They’ve got some good players and they’re very well organized and disciplined.” The Buckeyes will look to remain unbeaten in conference play as they face Northwestern (4-4-3) Sunday, Oct. 9, at 2 p.m. at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. read more

End of Saga Wisla Plock fans travel to Kielce given 400 tickets

← Previous Story ASOBAL EXODUS: Two players change Guadajalara for Qatar Next Story → End of “fairy-tale”: Barcelona not playing in SEHA All the saga regarding the “300” or “400” tickets given to Wisla Plock for the upcoming derby against Vive Kielce has ended. In the end Wisla Plock fans decided to travel to Kielce, after they were assured by Vive management that 400 tickets will be given to the away fans. What has caused a lot of “problems” in the biggest Polish derby has now come to its end, and we’re going to see fantastic atmosphere at the derby between the so-far undefeated in the Champions League and Wisla Plock, scheduled for the 2nd of March. read more

Yanis Varoufakis and Bernie Sanders announce alliance

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram As announced earlier this week in Rome, US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis are planning to launch a new alliance named Progressives International next month.The duo aspires to promote a “progressive, ecological, feminist, humanist, rational program” for not only Europe, but for the entire world as according to Mr Varoufakis the rise of right wing ideologies “that sprang out of the cesspool of financialised capitalism” needs to be counter-balanced.“Austerity for the many and socialism for the bankers has given rise to the present fascist moment in Italy, to the collapse of the political center everywhere, and to the reactionary, divided Europe that Mr. Trump dreams of,” Varoufakis said.“Today, here in Rome we’re saying enough. Another Italy, another Europe is not only possible, but it is here”.Speaking to the the Guardian, Varoufakis stressed that those who join the movement “need to do more than campaign together,” and proposed the formation of “a common council that draws out a common blueprint for an International New Deal, a progressive New Bretton Woods.”“The financiers are internationalists. The fascists, the nationalists, the racists—like Trump, Bannon, Seehofer, Salvini—they are internationalists,” Varoufakis said slamming the tactics of immigration critics, hardcore capitalists and xenophobes that spawn divisiveness amongst people in an effort to control global wealth.“They bind together. The only people who are failing are progressives.”The Greek Australian economist told BuzzFeed News that the joint movement is officially set to be launched at Sen. Sanders’ (I-Vt.) state, Vermont, on 30 November.“At a time of massive global wealth and income inequality, oligarchy, rising authoritarianism, and militarism, we need a Progressive International movement to counter these threats,” Sen. Sanders wrote in a Guardian article.“The fate of the world is at stake,” he continued asking for an international progressive agenda “that brings working people together around a vision of shared prosperity, security, and dignity for all people”.The alliance reportedly already welcomed incoming Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, while Varoufakis is also leading the campaign efforts of European Spring, through the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 otherwise known as DiEM25.The pan-European political movement launched in 2015 by former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat and officially presented on 9 February 2016 in Berlin.DiEM25 aims to reform the European Union’s existing institutions and to create a “full-fledged democracy with a sovereign Parliament respecting national self-determination and sharing power with national Parliaments, regional assemblies and municipal councils”.Photo: DiEM25last_img read more

Lhydrogène une source dénergie pour les moules hydrothermales

first_imgL’hydrogène, une source d’énergie pour les moules hydrothermalesSelon une étude internationale, les bactéries qui vivent en association avec des moules hydrothermales permettent à celles-ci d’utiliser de l’hydrogène comme source d’énergie pour produire de la matière organique.Alors que l’homme s’évertue à trouver des moyens de produire de l’énergie propre, certains organismes utilisent des éléments comme l’hydrogène pour vivre. C’est le cas par exemple des moules, vers géants, crevettes et autres clams qui vivent à 3.200 mètres de profondeur, près de la source hydrothermale de Logatchev située à 14 degrés de latitude Nord de la dorsale Médio-atlantique, cette grande zone d’expansion du plancher océanique qui traverse le milieu de l’Atlantique. Dépourvus de lumière à de telles profondeurs, ces crustacés utilisent l’énergie chimique pour produire de la matière organique, grâce à des bactéries symbiotiques, explique Sciences et Avenir.Ainsi, sur le site Logatchev où l’hydrogène est émis en abondance, les bancs de moules l’utilisent comme source d’énergie pour fixer du carbone et produire de la matière organique, comme a réussi à le montrer Stéphane Hourdez, chercheur au CNRS à la station marine de Roscoff. Jusqu’à présent, seules deux sources d’énergie chimique utilisées par les bactéries des sources hydrothermales étaient connues : les composés sulfurés réduits et le méthane.À lire aussiUn plongeur se fait attaquer par un lion de merCes moules consomment même tellement d’hydrogène qu’elles diminuent de 45 à 50% les flux de ce gaz dans l’océan profond. Les calculs indiquent ainsi qu’elles ont une consommation de 4.460 litres d’hydrogène par heure pour l’ensemble de la zone de Logatchev (qui compte de 250.000 à 500.000 moules), soit une consommation de 39 millions de litres d’hydrogène par an.Un gène répandu chez les bactéries hydrothermales Parallèlement, une équipe de scientifiques est parvenue à identifier le gène responsable de la transformation chimique de l’hydrogène. Ils ont ainsi pu constater que ce gène était également présent chez les bactéries de nombreux autres organismes hydrothermaux (comme des vers et des crevettes). La capacité à utiliser l’hydrogène comme source d’énergie serait donc relativement répandue dans les symbioses hydrothermales et en particulier dans les sites où l’hydrogène est abondant. “Les sources hydrothermales le long des dorsales médio-océaniques qui émettent de grandes quantités d’hydrogène peuvent donc être assimilées à une autoroute à hydrogène avec des stations de ravitaillement pour la production primaire symbiotique”, explique Jillian Petersen, un des auteurs de l’étude publiée dans la revue Nature.Le 12 août 2011 à 20:17 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

6 Awesome Star Wars Video Games in Humble Bundles Huge May the

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Star Wars. Something that we just can’t quit even if we wanted to. Every single year, we very proud Geeks take the 4th of May to give thanks to the franchise that made some of us who we are. The franchise that took family drama to a whole new level and allowed us to travel the stars and galaxies. As we celebrate, there are tons of people that are celebrating with us. Humble Bundle happens to be one of them.This always astonishing company is celebrating May the 4th with a bundle of incredible Star Wars games. For low, low prices, you’re able to get some of the best Star Wars games this side of the planet has to offer. That said, we wouldn’t be celebrating without giving you a few of our recommendations for what to buy in this dope offer. Here are 6 of the coolest games in the Humble Bundle pack. Game on and May the 4th Be With You.Lego Star Wars – The Complete Sagavia Star Wars / Humble BundleIf you’ve never played a Lego game before, I’d suggest you start now. They’re honestly some of the best games that you can play, but also allow yourself to turn your brain off. There’s no high-risk strategy, no big colossal moment that happens. If you die, pick yourself up and start the mission again. You and Legos playing together side by side in harmony. Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga is one of those lego games you can chill out with. In this game, you’ll be playing the Lego versions of Episodes I through Episode VI. Ever wanted to play as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker as a Lego figure? Here’s your chance! Move through the bricks of the galaxy as your favorite characters (there are over 120 of them) with puzzles and missions galore.Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroesvia Star Wars / Humble BundleStar Wars: The Clone Wars was the sleeper hit that everyone should be apart of at least once. If you weren’t a fan of Episodes I through III, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is what you wished the characters would have been. The show carries great adventures that fit perfectly in the Star Wars canon take are great, dramatic suspenseful and hilarious. With Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes, you’re able to play as some of the lead characters in that show. This includes the sassy Obi-Wan. ever-lovely Anakin Skywalker, and fan-favorite Ahsoka. The game takes place between Season 1 and Season 2. While you’re playing, you can sneak in a little bit of a binge watch as you go along.Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academyvia Star Wars / Humble BundleBy clicking on this article, I assume you’ve always wanted or even considered being a Jedi at one point. You’ve probably thought of what it might be like to follow in the footsteps of the Jedi or follow the path to the dark side. If we’re honest here, I know I have at multiple points in my lifetime. (Yesterday, for example.) In Jedi Academy, allows you do that and more.This game is apart of the Jedi Knight series with Dark Forces, Dark Forces II, Mysteries of the Sith and Jedi Outcast coming before it. With this game, you train as a Jedi Knight. You’ll learn the ways of the Force by the ultimate Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. In this game, you’ll make your own Jedi and also, build your own Lightsaber, both the blade color and the hilt. If that’s not the coolest thing, I don’t know what is.Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicvia Star Wars / Humble BundleI’m going to keep this one short and sweet because this is a game that everyone should play at least once. Or twice, or three times. Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best Star Wars role-playing games that’s out there. It takes place WAY before the Galatic Empire, and the Jedi have fallen to the Sith. However, like any good game, you choose if you want to save the Republic or fall down into the deep rabbit hole of the Dark Side. Knights of the Old Republic was one of the first RPG’s I played in the Star Wars Universe that wasn’t pencil and paper. This game is incredibly detailed. With the bonus pressure of you being the person that can help get the galaxy back in order. You know, absolutely no pressure what so ever.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed IIvia Star Wars / Humble BundleNo offense to the first one, but The Force Unleashed II is SO very epic. We have a new anti-hero on the scene for this one. In the form of Galen Marek aka Starkiller aka Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. We could get into the entire history of Galen Marek, but let’s keep that long story short. Marek is one very power Force-user born of two Jedi Knights. Vader trained Marek who showed him a whole new world when it came to using the dark side of the Force. From there, Marek became an assassin for Vader.What’s interesting about The Force Unleashed II is that Marek is truly an anti-hero kind of becoming a hero. He’s very much trying to find himself among the chaos of the galaxy. Meanwhile, Vader sits back and tries to clone him. It’s honestly incredible. The Force Unleashed II is an unbelievably impressive game that we can’t recommend enough.Star Wars: Battlefront IIvia Star Wars / Humble BundleWere you disappointed by Battlefront II (2017)? Do you still grumble everytime someone mentions the game? Are you slightly excited about the Han Solo beard you’ll be getting in the 2017 game? If you’re still disappointed and not waiting for Han Solo Season, why not give the original Battlefront II (2005) a try!This first and third-person shooter isn’t like the game of today but still carries that narrative-structure. Battlefront II (2005) takes place between The Clone Wars and the Galatic Civil War. You’re apart of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers, and you go up against the opposing side on the battlefields. I still own and play this game on PSP because I refuse to give it up. However, they’ve actually patched up the game in the recent months and brought in massive updates. If you want to play the game with the old and the new, this is the time to do it.Check out all the Star Wars Video Games and the Humble Bundle pack!last_img read more

Police investigate shooting incident

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, July 26, 2017 – Providenciales – Around 8:58pm last-night (Tuesday 25th July 2017), Police were dispatched to a home on Hummingbird Lane located in Leeward Gates after the report of a shooting was made to 911.Upon arrival at the location, the victims told officers that they arrived home and met two (2) males inside and when the culprits saw them they fire several gunshots at them. The victims made their escaped unharmed.While on scene a Security officer reported to officers that while at another villa nearby on Tranquilty Lane he was tied up by two male persons about 5’7”, one wearing a yellow t-shirt, white sneakers and a white shirt covering his face. The other wearing all black with a handgun. The culprits got away with his flashlight. Upon making further checks officers noticed where the culprits attempted to enter the villa.The victim was taken to the Chalk Sound Medial Centre for minor injuries he sustained.  Investigations are ongoing into both incidents.We are appealing to persons who may have any information that may assist in this investigation to please contact us at 338-5901 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-8477.Press Release: RTCIPF Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

AMI Restructuring Plan Approved

first_imgAmerican Media Inc. says the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York has confirmed its reorganization plan, which the publisher says clears the way for it to emerge from its voluntary pre-packaged Chapter 11 filing by the end of 2010.In November, AMI filed a prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan to “significantly de-lever” its balance sheet. AMI is not releasing additional details about the restructuring but the plan will be effective once AMI closes its Revolving Credit Facility with JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, and with the issuance of AMI’s 13-1/2 percent Second Lien Senior Secured Notes due 2018. “I have been CEO for over a decade, and this is the best capital structure I have ever had to work with,” said CEO David Pecker in a statement. “This will allow AMI to finally capitalize on all the digital opportunities available for our brands, continue to strengthen our print properties, expand our publishing services efforts and ultimately accomplish what my goal has always been-to build a major media company that will be among the industry’s elite.” In announcing the financial restructuring plan, AMI also said it terminated a previous offer to exchange its outstanding 14 percent senior subordinated notes due 2013 for a combination of cash and shares of common stock. The process had been extended several times over the last several weeks past its initial deadline. Last July, AMI underwent a financial restructuring that it said cut its debt by $200 million by exchanging AMI’s bonds for equity in the form of AMI common stock. Following that transaction, AMI said its leverage will be reduced from 7.2X to 5.1X and that the company will have an extra $50 million in free cash flow on a pro forma basis.That deal followed a similar one in February 2009 that had the publisher transfer ownership of 95 percent of its common stock to bondholders, effectively slashing its debt by $227.2 million.Pecker and Evercore Partners bought American Media in 1999 for $850 million. Evercore, together with Thomas H. Lee Partners, were the principal shareholders.AMI publishes several magazines including Men’s Fitness, Shape, Star Magazine and the National Enquirer. Last week Medical Economics Group reported that Mira!, an AMI title serving the Hispanic market, will fold after its Dec. 27th issue.last_img read more

BNP to face new political crisis after 21 Aug verdict

first_imgObaidul Quader file photoAwami League (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader on Friday said Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) will face a political crisis after the verdict of the 21 August grenade attack is announced as the BNP ‘is directly involved with the incident’.The road transport and bridges minister said this after paying homage to former Awami Mahila League president Ivy Rahman at the Banani graveyard.Ivy Rahman, also the wife of late Bangladesh president Zillur Rahman, was among the 24 killed in the attack.Obaidul Quader said BNP is trying to make a fuss as the verdict on the 21 August grenade attack case is nearing and they want to save the murderers.”The verdict will be announced soon. It makes everyone in the country happy except BNP men since they are behind this,” he said.Twenty-four people, including the then president of Awami Mahila League Ivy Rahman, were killed and over 500 others wounded in the gruesome attack on 21 August 2004 in front of Awami League central office on the Bangabandhu Avenue.Earlier on Tuesday, prime minister Sheikh Hasina also said there is no doubt that BNP, its chief Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Rahman were involved in the brutal attack.last_img read more

70 Emojis Redheads Included Coming to iOS 121

first_img ‘Emoji House’ Feud Turns Calif. Neighborhood Pink With RageThis Twitter Bot Mashes Up Emoji To Create Fresh Faces Stay on target Finally, the moment you’ve all waited for: More than 70 new emoji are coming soon to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.And while that’s not even half of the 157 icons rolled out this summer as part of Unicode’s 11.0 update, there is more than enough new material to colorfully express your thoughts.It is unclear right now which ones Apple passed up.AdChoices广告But iDevice owners everywhere will be delighted to see new characters with red, grey, or curly hair (as well as those without any hair); more emotive smiley faces; and additional representation of animals, sports, and food.“Emoji are used by people all over the world to communicate,” Cupertino wrote in an update. “iOS 12.1 brings even more characters to the keyboard that better represent global users.”Aside from justice for gingers, you’ll find hot and cold faces; superheroes and supervillains (of both sexes); a llama, hippopotamus, peacock, and parrot; a mango; a chess pawn, and a pirate flag.The Unicode Consortium, meanwhile, put an emphasis on Asian culture, with pictures of mooncake, a Chinese baked good traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival; a red envelope, which typically signifies a monetary gift given during the holidays or special occasions; and the Nazar eye-shaped amulet, believed to protect against the evil eye.There is also a distinct nod to science and math, with images of a lab coat, microbe, test tube, petri dish, right-handed DNA, and an abacus.The new emoji are available now in the developer and public beta previews of iOS 12.1, and will launch as part of upcoming software updates to iOS, macOS, and watchOS.Unicode had already revealed 104 proposed candidates for a 2019 release; contenders include a yawning face, ballet shoes, a flamingo, an ice cube, a ringed planet, a kit, and a chair.There are also a handful of accessibility symbols: prosthetic arm and leg, ear with hearing aid, guide dog, wheelchair (manual and motorized), and probing cane.“Apple is working with the Unicode Consortium to add more disability-themed emoji to the keyboard for Unicode 12.0,” the company announced.Apple recently released a new lineup of smartphones and its next-gen Apple Watch. Read The iPhone X Can’t Have My Memoji Face and keep up to date on the trillion-dollar company here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Researchers show how to use mobiles to spy on people

first_img Independent researcher Nick DePetrillo and security consultant Don Bailey demonstrated their system at the SOURCE Boston security conference earlier this week. Using information from the GSM network they could identify a mobile phone user’s location, and they showed how they could easily create dossiers on people’s lives and their behavior and business dealings. They also demonstrated how they were able to identify a government contractor for the US Department of Homeland Security through analyzing phone numbers and caller IDs.Bailey and DePetrillo’s demonstration showed up inherent weaknesses in the way mobile providers expose interfaces to each other to interoperate over the GSM infrastructure. They used the Home Location Registry (HLR) and GSM provider caller ID database, along with some of their own tools and voicemail-hacking techniques.Their technique was to first obtain their victim’s mobile phone number from the ID database, and they used an open-source PBX program to automate phone calls to themselves, which triggered the system to force a name lookup. They could then associate the name information with the phone number in the caller ID database. Their next step was to match the phone number with the location using HLR, which logs the whereabouts of numbers to allow networks to hand calls off to each other. Individual phones are logged to a register of mobile switching centers within specific geographic regions. DePetrillo said he was even able to watch a phone number moving to a different mobile switching center, regardless of where in the world they were located. The pair were even able to track a journalist who interviewed an informant in Serbia and then traveled back to Germany, and they also obtained the informant’s phone number. DePetrillo said it was also a simple matter to access voicemail without the phone ringing by making two almost simultaneous calls; the first disconnects before it is picked up, and the second goes into voicemail.The researchers have not released details of the tools they developed, and have alerted the major GSM carriers about their results. Bailey said the carriers were “very concerned,” but mitigating these sorts of attacks would not be easy. In the meantime there is little mobile phone users can do to protect themselves short of turning off their phones. Indications of an attack might include the phone calling itself, or the phone suddenly calling someone by itself, but most attacks would produce no signs visible to the phone user.DePetrillo said some of their research scared them, since they were able to track important people who were themselves protected by high security measures by tracking people close to them, such as congressional aides, who were not under high security. He also said the attacks they demonstrated could be made on corporations as well as individuals, and corporations would be well advised to look at the security policies they have in place, especially for their executives.Bailey said their system is not illegal and does not breach the terms of service. ( — Researchers have demonstrated how it is possible to use GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) data along with a few tools to track down a person’s mobile phone number and their location, and even listen in on calls and voicemail messages. Stop Big Brother listening in to your mobile phone conversation Citation: Researchers show how to use mobiles to spy on people (2010, April 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2010 Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Decoded How lifting heavy weights boosts muscle strength

first_imgLifting heavy weights may help you enhance your muscle strength more than light weight training because the nervous system facilitates improvements in strength during high-load training, researchers suggests. The study aimed to find out how the brain and motor neurons – cells that send electrical signals to muscle – adapt to high versus low-load weight training.The findings showed that despite similar increases in muscle thickness, high-load training may be superior for enhancing muscle strength than low-load training. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe nervous system activates more of the motor neurons – or excites them more frequently – when subjected to high-load training. This increased excitation could account for the greater strength gains despite comparable growth in muscle mass, the researchers said.”If you’re trying to increase strength – whether you’re a gym rat or an athlete – training with high loads is going to result in greater strength adaptations,” said Nathaniel Jenkins, assistant professor at the Oklahoma State University. For the study, published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, the team randomly assigned 26 men to train for six weeks on a leg-extension machine loaded with either 80 or 30 per cent of the maximum weight they could lift. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe results showed a similar growth in muscle between the two groups but a larger strength increase – roughly 10 pounds’ worth – was found in the high-load group.Although, low-load training remains a viable option for those looking to simply build mass or avoid putting extreme stress on joints, still, when it comes to building strength – especially amid a busy schedule – heavier is better, Jenkins maintained. “High-load training is more efficient” and “it’s more time-efficient. We’re seeing greater strength adaptations. And now we’re seeing greater neural adaptations,” Jenkins added.last_img read more

Live News traffic and weather updates for North Staffordshire South Cheshire on

first_imgHello and welcome to StokeonTrentLive’s breaking news service bringing you all the latest updates from Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire on Monday, January 28. Our team of reporters will be updating this live service with all the latest on the traffic and travel and weather updates – as well as news and entertainment through the day. We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates in our live news feed below. For the latest news and breaking news visit Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you. Follow us on Twitter @SOTLive – the official Sentinel account – real news in real time. We’re also on Facebook – your must-see news, features, videos and pictures throughout Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire. Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know – Tweet us @SOTLive or message us on our Facebook page . And if you have pictures to share, tag us on Instagram at StokeonTrentLive . 18:52One lane closed due to broken down vehicle on M6 Northbound from J16 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe) to J17 A534 Old Mill Road (Sandbach / Crewe). Traffic is coping well.Lane one (of three) is closed whilst vehicle awaits recovery. 17:50Slow traffic on A50 in both directions at B5030 Ashbourne Road (McDonalds roundabout). In the roadworks area. 17:50A developing area of low pressure over the western Atlantic has been named as ‘Storm #Gabriel’ by the French Met office. The low centre tracks to the south of the UK, but rain, sleet & #snow will push across the country on Tuesday & Wednesday ��️��️— Met Office (@metoffice) January 28, 201916:51Traffic returned to normal, earlier accident on M6 Northbound between M6 (Stafford Services) and J15 A500 D Road (Stoke-On-Trent).Lane one (of three) was closed. All restrictions were lifted at around 16:35. Stafford Services is located between J14 and J15. 16:50 Pirehill Lane partially blocked, slow traffic due to accident at Beacon Rise. 16:23Biker suffers multiple injuries in crash with vanThe scene in Keelings Road (Image: Kym Morley)More here.15:32Slow traffic on A34 Newcastle Road between Springfield Retail Park and A500 D Road (Hanford Interchange). 15:32 Reports of slow traffic due to accident on A5272 Keelings Road at Turner Street (Providence Square). 15:32Slow traffic on A34 Clayton By Pass in both directions from A534 Sandbach Road to A54 Rood Hill. 15:31Queuing traffic on A527 Biddulph Road coming from Brinley Ford Southbound at A5272 High Lane roundabout. Travel time is four minutes. 15:13Dry with lengthy spells of sunshine this afternoon leaving a clear evening with road surface temperatures expected to fall below zero. So we are gritting at 18:00 and will continue to monitor the weather.— Stoke Highways (@stokehighways) January 28, 201915:13Kibblestone Road in both directions blocked, slow traffic due to fallen tree near Rock Crescent.Caller reports that the road is blocked not too far from Oulton Village Hall. 12:17Pedestrian taken to hospital after accident on Stoke-on-Trent streetThe woman was taken to hospital this morning. More here.11:06Delays on M6 due to lorry having tyre changedOne lane blocked due to lorry having a tyre changed on M6 Northbound between J14 A34 (Stafford North) and J15 A500 D Road (Stoke-On-Trent). Traffic is coping well.Lane one (of three) is closed for safety reasons with the vehicle off on the hard shoulder. 10:57Fire at garages was arson – fire service confirmFirefighters were called in the early hours of this morning. More here.10:43Accident cleared in SmallthorneThe accident on Ford Green Road has been cleared.09:57Accident in SmallthorneReports of A5272 Hanley Road partially blocked, queueing traffic due to accident at B5051 Ford Green Road.Police on route. (Image: Inrix)08:39Traffic light failure at Cobridge ParkQueueing traffic due to traffic light failure on A53 Leek New Road Southbound at Cobridge Park. Congestion to Norton Lane lights. Travel time is 20 minutes.The pedestrian lights keep turning to red due to a fault just before the Cobridge lights.08:21Lane closed due to broken down van One lane closed and heavy traffic due to broken down van on M6 Northbound from J18 A54 Middlewich Road (Middlewich / Holmes Chapel) to J19 A556 (Knutsford).Lane four (of four) is closed. 08:09Heavy traffic on A527Heavy traffic on A527 Porthill Road at A500 D Road / Longbridge Hayes Road / Longbridge Hayes Road (Porthill Bank). Travel time is four minutes.08:09Collapsed manhole near NantwichHeavy traffic due to collapsed manhole and temporary traffic lights on A51 in both directions from Chester Road (Bluestone Traffic Lights, Reaseheath) to B5074 Barony Road (Reaseheath Roundabout, Acton). 07:32Heavy traffic on A50Heavy traffic on A50 Westbound from Meir Tunnel towards the A500 D Road (Sideway Roundabout).07:08Heavy traffic on the A500Heavy traffic on A500 D Road Southbound before M6 J15. 07:06Accident in NewcastleA527 Barracks Road Southbound partially blocked, queueing traffic due to accident, two cars involved from A52 Ryecroft to A34 Lower Street (Grosvenor Roundabout).Police are not yet able to confirm the direction until they are at the scene. However the cars are not currently movable and sensors suggest this is approaching the Grosvenor Roundabout. (Image: Inrix)07:06Good morningWe’ll be bringing you the latest traffic and travel news from across the area.last_img read more

Vision appoints new regional manager Western Ontario Leisure Travel

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> Share Vision appoints new regional manager, Western Ontario, Leisure Travel Tags: New Hires, Vision Travel Solutions Monday, January 7, 2019 center_img Posted by TORONTO — Vision Travel Solutions has announced the appointment of a brand new regional manager for Western Ontario, Leisure Travel.According to Lynda Sinclair, senior vice-president, leisure travel, the company has welcomed Robin Dunn to the newly-formed position.In her new role, Dunn will be responsible for the overall operation and performance of 12 locations in western and south-central Ontario, which number some 90 staff in total.Dunn, who most recently spent five years in experiential group travel, brings with her over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry.“I’m thrilled to be taking on this new role,” said Dunn. “Vision is such a powerful company in the travel world, and we are all very much enjoying having that additional influence and buying power.”Vision Travel currently numbers 50 locations across Canada and is the top-producing agency group for the Virtuoso luxury travel association. Travelweek Group last_img read more

New terminal plans for Tullamarine

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H Discussions over the establishment of a new low-cost terminal at the southern end of Melbourne airport are currently underway between Jetstar and Tiger Airways and the airport’s owner Australia Pacific Airports Corp. According to the Australian, the new “T5” terminal would allow Jetstar to move from its current base at the main terminal, providing Qantas and its passengers with much needed space. As well as easing bottlenecks for Qantas departures, the relocation of Jetstar would help improve overall check-in and security procedures, the newspaper reported. Although Jetstar and Tiger have refused to comment on the airport’s redevelopment plans, Tiger Airways managing director Crawford Rix has confirmed that the airline wants more space at Tullamarine.”That is a challenge for us for finding ways of getting acceptable space at Tullamarine,” Mr Rix said, adding that Tiger was not wedded to Melbourne as its home base.”If we don’t drive the traffic through here, we will drive it through somewhere else,” he said. The budget carrier currently operates from the low-cost T4 terminal and has restrictions on the number of aircraft it is allowed in the area, the newspaper reported. According to the Australian, the new multi-million-dollar terminal would also be able to house retail facilities, which T4 cannot currently do.  Although the low-cost carrier also now operates out of Avalon Airport, near Geelong, Mr Rix has ruled out moving Tiger’s Victorian base to Avalon.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Asia Pacific Incentives

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterAsia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) has announced a series of premier global luxury travel exhibitors who will showcase their unique venues and destinations at the 2019 event.Exhibitors confirmed to lead the premium line-up include One&Only Resorts, Daydream Island Resort and Belmond.“We’re extremely excited to be welcoming some of the finest high-end services in the industry,” said Matt Pearce, Director, Talk2 Media & Events.“Our 2019 event will be a true representation of the growth of luxury travel, as well as the perfect platform to showcase some magical locations and venues available,” Pearce said.As many exhibitors move towards individual, curated experiences this will drive some of the innovation that will be presented on the show floor.Endorsing the demand for bespoke personalisation, Jayson Heron, Director of Sales and Marketing of Daydream Island Resort said: “We understand that while tourist and business groups travel from all over the world to connect with our breathtaking landscape, they are all searching for a very unique and personal experience. Whether barefoot on our beaches with the backdrop of the Whitsundays or snorkelling alongside vibrant coral of the Great Barrier Reef, we help curate all aspects of their stay to ensure guests are treated to their ultimate island experience.”Other luxury travel exhibitors attending the 2019 event include Galaxy Macau, The Ritz-Carlton Hawaii and Maverick Helicopters, all showcasing their unique event offerings to the diverse group of AIME buyers.With one month to go before the industry event opens, AIME 2019 has confirmed exhibitors from across 20 different countries, broadening the event to reflect the Asia Pacific region and its unique destinations and cultures.Running from 18–20 February, AIME is the first event to kick off the 2019 MICE calendar and is held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. To register to attend AIME 2019 as a visitor click here, or for more details, go to back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Forestry department issues call to protect islands snakes photos

first_imgThe forestry department on Tuesday stressed the need to protect the island’s snakes and released photos of the species found in Cyprus.Snakes too are part of the ecosystem and an integral part of the food chain and need our protection, the department said.All snakes, it added, are protected by European directives but also national legislation on the protection of nature and wildlife.“The unjustified fear, prejudice and lack of information leads many times to their unjust death at a cost to biodiversity and the environment in general,” the forestry department said.“Snakes play an important role in the environment since their main food consists of rodents.”Reducing their populations is a blow, it said, since a reduction in the natural enemies of rodents leads to the use of poisons and other harmful methods of fighting them that are both costly and harmful to the environment. [smart-photo][/smart-photo] You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more