Suspicious men approach teens

Norfolk OPP is investigating two incidents over the past week where youths were approached by suspicious men.On Sunday night an unknown male slowed down his vehicle to ask a teenager on the sidewalk an inappropriate question.The incident took place on Sydenham Street in Simcoe.Police say the 15-year-old boy was walking along the sidewalk when the vehicle slowed down beside him. The teen quickly walked away and the driver was last seen turning northbound onto Norfolk Street South.The unknown male is described as white, 6-feet in height, 200-220 pounds with a medium build. The man had black, medium-length hair, styled straight down in the front stopping just above the eyebrows with a black patchy beard. He was wearing a dark hat, dark pants and a dark grey jacket at the time of the incident.The vehicle is described as a 2008 dark grey Hyundai Tucson with black paint from the door handle down.Sunday’s incident comes less than a week after another teen was approached in Simcoe.A 15-year-old boy was approached by an adult male on Elgin Avenue in Simcoe during his walk home from school on March 27.Police say the unknown male crossed the road to stand in front of the youth to stop him and ask for directions. The male then followed the teenager down the sidewalk. The suspect stopped the teen a second time and asked him an inappropriate question.The teen walked away from the man who then left in an unknown direction.The man is described as white, in his 40s, with wrinkled skin on his face, and black hair. At the time, he was wearing a grey-coloured hooded sweater, dark blue jeans, and appeared to slump over when walking. read more