Fighting Irish take flight

first_imgStudents fascinated by game day flyovers will have a chance to get an inside look at what it takes to fly next semester. The Notre Dame Pilot Initiative, an academic program intended to teach students about the fundamentals of flight, will return this spring. The three-credit course, Principles of Flight, is specifically designed to help aspirant pilots pass the written portion of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) private pilot certification test. Jay Burns, a cadet captain in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) and certified ground instructor, is leading the effort to bring back the course. He said the class will use much of the same material that helped him pass the FAA test. “I learned to fly from this material when I was still a sophomore in high school, and it certainly helped me pass my FAA written exam to get my private pilot certificate,” Burns said. “I felt that I was more advanced because I’ve had a better background and a deeper understanding of the different concepts that you deal with in aviation.” Burns said he would incorporate additional material used by Joe Friel, a former Air Force ROTC student who led the class the last time it was offered. Friel, now a program manager at Avidyne, the leading provider of cockpit instrumentation for small aircrafts, said he and Newcamp developed the curriculum to offer students an insight into the practical application of flight concepts. “We tried to bring material that was appropriate, but that was in-depth enough to give students a real appreciation for the concepts,” Friel said. “More than just memorizing for the tests, we wanted them to really understand what was making the plan fly.” When the initiative began, Friel said primarily AFROTC students were interested. The second semester, however, he was surprised by a drastic change in class makeup. “We taught some that did want to be pilots and some that didn’t,” Friel said. “One girl that signed up for our course was an artist who drew some of the materials that we used, and who had signed up for the class because she had family members who flew and she wanted more of an appreciation of flying.” Colonel Andrew Cernicky, a professor of Aerospace Studies, a U.S. Air Force pilot and a graduate of Notre Dame’s ROTC program, will co-lead the course with Burns. Cernicky said he was excited when Burns approached him with his plans for revitalizing the initiative, both because he took the course as an undergraduate and because it offered an opportunity to expose students to the fundamentals of flight for the first time. “This class should demystify the process of flying and make it completely understandable,” Cernicky said. “You don’t need to be a scientist or mathematician to take this course, anyone at ND can take it that has an interest in understanding how aircraft fly.” Mary Hession, a sophomore in Notre Dame’s Air Force ROTC, said she is glad the course is designed to be accessible to those without previous experience. As a Russian major, she said the course would be a good introduction to a more technical area of study. “All of the technical majors have more of the background knowledge that corresponds to understanding flying, so this class will help me by giving me that knowledge,” she said. Jordan Hoover, another AFROTC sophomore, said he is taking the class to get exposure to material he may later see in the Air Force’s pilot training. “I’m fairly sure that I want to be a pilot,” Hoover said. “[The course] will give me the experience to know for sure that’s what I want to do, and I’ll have seen the material that I would encounter in pilot training.” Now retired Colonel Mike Zenk, who oversaw the program when it was under Friel’s leadership, said the original class material included many of the elements taught at ground school. Students learned the basics of aerodynamics, FAA rules about airspaces, airport and flight operations, communications with ground crews, safety precautions and pilot navigation skills. “The biggest benefit [of the class] is taking that first step towards actually being able to fly an airplane,” Zenk said. “To help spark that interest or to take their first step towards a dream that they have is the best reason to take the class.”last_img read more

Unplug In Chesapeake And Let The Moments Begin.

first_imgFor more information visit: No matterwhat your interests, hobbies or passions, you’ll find what you’re looking forin Chesapeake. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, or to makeunforgettable memories with your family, or friends, join us, and let themoments begin. For those whoprefer indoor pursuits, Chesapeake is home to a wide range of charming shops andboutiques – and an array of great restaurants, breweries, and specialty shops. Wondrous sights everywhere you look. center_img April throughJune, the daytime sky holds magic of its own, as more than 200 species migratehome or simply pass through. A sanctuary for year-round bird-watching since the1600s, birders flock to see Bald Eagles, Egrets, White-throated Sparrows, theGreat Horned Owl, Acadian Flycatchers, Red-eyed Vireos, Ruby-crowned Kingletsand the Northern Waterthrush, to name a few. If yourinterests are more earthly than skyward, Chesapeake Arboretum is the perfectfit. This 48-acre natural classroom, dedicated to promoting horticultural andenvironmental awareness, has an eighteenth-century farmhouse with themegardens. Children can enjoy hands-on, exploratory education that center on floraand fauna. Those who love to explore can take a self-guided tree walk, with 3miles of trails lined with a great variety of labeled trees. Welcome to the great indoors. Named TopAdventure Town by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, every day is the perfect day to bring your friendsand family to Chesapeake. Located onthe banks of the Northwest River in Southeastern Chesapeake, the breathtaking NorthwestRiver Park and Campground offers over 763 acres, 66 groomed campsites, aputt-putt course and a certified disc golf course. The park’s 6-acrelake is stocked with trout and catfish. Amateur astrologers gather for thepark’s popular SkyWatch tour where, armed with telescopes and curiosity, theyset their sights on the night sky.last_img read more

The highlights of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho’s book launch

first_img “Every word I say is a big risk for me. I am happy that I don’t have an electronic tag. I think it’s not far from (that). I also think that £50,000 in the world where we live today is an absolute disgrace. And I also think that the possibility of getting a stadium ban is also something absolutely astonishing.” On perceived inconsistencies in the FA’s disciplinary process, mentioning Wenger in all but name: “There is something that, now, we know. One, we can push people in the technical area. The word ‘afraid’ is a punishment, and a hard punishment. But to say the referee was ‘weak and naive’, referring to one of the top referees, not just in this country, also in Europe, to call him ‘weak and naive’ we can do.” On his future: “If you ask me how many years I’m still going to coach, I’d risk 15 more. I’m in the middle: I did 15, I have 15 more to do. I’ll finish at 67. Maybe later if I can. Can I stay 15 more years at Chelsea Football Club? I don’t think so. I don’t think modern football allows it any more, so normally I will not finish my career at Chelsea. I would like to, but I don’t think it’s possible.” On a future book, insisting it will include more titles, which he celebrates by showing the number of successes on his hands: “The next book would have lots of chapters. The first one will be the moment I’m living now, with four defeats in eight Premier League matches, with two defeats at home which is more than the defeats I’d had in the previous 100 matches at home. But, for sure, it’ll be a book with lots of good moments, lots of cups, lots of trophies. I think I wrote it (in) there: I still have two fingers, but I have feet. So I don’t think I’m going to be just 10 times a champion in my career. I have feet.” On the photo at Old Trafford, when Mourinho’s Porto beat Manchester United en route to winning the 2004 Champions League: “That photo represents a dramatic change in my career. It’s a picture which put me in the eyes of the football world. I was standing before the ball hit the net and I was fast. I’m still quite fast, but at that time I was even faster. It was a great run and an iconic picture in a moment that changed my career.” Mourinho wrote next to the picture that the following day he “had two big English clubs knocking on my door. A blue and a red.” The “red” is believed to be Liverpool. He says now: “Don’t try to find controversy in such a clean book. It’s gone. It was 10 years ago.” Ahead of his second Chelsea chapter, Mourinho wrote “Tradition says: ‘Don’t go back to a club where you were happy before’. Perfect – another challenge is exactly what I wanted!”. He says he has no regrets: “I’m so happy to be back, so happy to do what we managed to do last season. And we want to do more. Obviously I’m not going to run away from the moment. The results are bad, but I’m not going to run away from it and I believe more good moments are going to happen again. I signed a new contract a few months ago. When I signed it was not to run away from responsibilities, but to work and fight and wait for the results of our work.” Press Association Jose Mourinho on Thursday night hit out at the Football Association, Arsene Wenger and revealed he does not expect to finish his career at Chelsea – just three highlights of a media conference at Waterstones Piccadilly to promote his book MOURINHO. center_img Here Press Association Sport looks at some more: On the Football Association’s punishment – a £50,000 fine and one-match suspended stadium ban: last_img read more

GAPLF 2016 Raw national championships …

first_imgFitness Express, Trophy Stall on boardFITNESS Express and Trophy Stall have stepped in to show their support for the GAPLF’s Raw Nationals set for tomorrow at Critchlow Labour College. For almost a decade Jamie McDonald and Fitness Express have played a pivotal role in the development of powerlifting by sponsoring individual athletes and competitions hosted by the GAPLFFitness Express’ Jamie McDonald commits his bit to this weekend’s GAPLF 2016 Raw national championships.Fitness Express’ Jamie McDonald commits his bit to this weekend’s GAPLF 2016 Raw national championships.throughout its calendar year.Trophy Stall has also renewed its relationship with the GAPLF, that was forged several years ago, through its contributions to 2 competitions so far in 2016; Trophy Stall looks forward to continue working closely with the federation as it grows from strength to strength.Tomorrow’s competition was anticipated to be the largest the federation will host for some time and has proved to be exactly that with a total of 45 lifters, of which 8 females are registered.Athletes will be competing Unequipped in various categories such as Male and Female Sub Junior, Male and Female Junior, Male and Female Open and Male and Female Masters.Several seasoned national lifters have put aside their knee wraps and squat suits to test their might in this more modest form of lifting.Spectators will be treated to an exciting day of lifting as ‘Big’ John Edwards returns to the platform after 3 years out of competition and will be challenged by Berbice strongmen Farouk Abdool and Roshan Ali.There will also be other keenly contested divisions as Romario Gonsalves of Life Gym seeks to hold dominion over the 59kg Open and Junior categories.He will be rivalled in the Open division by seasoned campaigners the likes of Kevin Bridglall, Sohail Hussain and Navendra Tamasar. This will be the most keenly contested weight class with a total of 9 lifters in the Open Division.Vijai Rahim will seek to make his mark on this class of powerlifting as he has achieved total dominance over the past years of the Equipped Division.The 74kg division will see national athlete Osmond Mack coming up against junior lifters Donnel Perry and the 2015 Senior Nationals 74kg champion Demetri Chan who will also be contesting in the Junior category. The 83kg class will feature 2015 Senior Nationals Best Lifter Hardat Tarson who will be making his Raw debut against the likes of Paul Adams, Phillip Romalho and Dike Utoh.Carlos Peterson of the 93kg Junior and Open Division will be seeking to dominate the Raw Division as he has done thus far for 2016 but he will first need to dispatch Errol ‘Rugged’ Henry and other seasoned Raw athletes in his bid for supremacy.There will be a Masters Division which will see a clash of the mature lifters when the likes of Errol ‘Rugged’ Henry, Big John Edwards, Joseph Stoll, Jagdesh Budhram, Farouk Abdool, Martin Webster and a few others take to the platform to show what athletes 40 years and above are capable of doing.Nadina Taharally will be seeking to establish dominance once again, as she did at the Intermediate/Masters competition in June 2016 against other seasoned lifters like Nessa Bhagwandin, Jackelyn Toney, Chittra Ramlochan, Lisa Oudit and youngsters Tineisha Toney and Britny Mack who will also be contesting against each other in the Sub Junior Division.Overall, Sunday promises to be a very exciting day of powerlifting and the GAPLF encourages all powerlifting enthusiasts to come out in their numbers to support the federation and the athletes.last_img read more