AP PHOTOS: Designer Julien Fournie’s showcase is a movie

first_imgPARIS (AP) — The new face of Paris Fashion Week is digital.  With shows taking place behind closed doors due to the virus pandemic, some designers such as Julien Fournie are becoming versatile: getting their designs out to the public by making a film of their collection and streaming it online. The designer says he started out learning how to draw, but now he realizes he also needs to learn how to become a filmmaker. He was speaking at a behind-the-scenes preview of his spring-summer 2021 couture movie filming. The fashion industry — along with the retail industry in general — has been hard-hit by pandemic restrictions.last_img read more

Family First warns against cannabis reform after damning Colorado report

first_imgNewsHub 13 September 2018Family First Comment: Don’t do it, New Zealand!“The report by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area found that cannabis-related fatalities, hospitalisations, use, and illegal market activity have increased in the US state since the drug was legalised in 2014.”www.SayNopeToDope.nzCannabis-related traffic deaths have increased since legalisation in Colorado, a new report claims – but an advocate for medical cannabis in New Zealand says alcohol is far worse.The report by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area found that cannabis-related fatalities, hospitalisations, use, and illegal market activity have increased in the US state since the drug was legalised in 2014.Since recreational cannabis was legalised in Colorado, cannabis-related deaths have increased 151 percent, the report claims, while cannabis-related traffic deaths involving drivers who tested positive more than doubled from 55 in 2013 to 138 in 2017.Family First New Zealand says the information should send a “clear warning to New Zealand to resist any weakening of drug laws,” adding that “liberalising” cannabis laws and “empowering” it is the “wrong path if we care about public health, public safety, and about our young people”.But Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand (MCANZ) author Shane Le Brun says the report has left out crucial information about alcohol consumption in Colorado since cannabis was legalised, telling Newshub cannabis is a much safer substance.“They’re talking about all these things being on the increase, but at the same time, knowing that alcohol is far more harmful than cannabis, they have ignored this,” he said.“The big problem with cannabis is that it swims around in your blood for weeks,” he said. “Even when you’re not impaired, you can still test positive for it long after you’ve used it, and that’s why the amount of drivers who test positive show up higher.”New Zealanders could be voting in a bumper referendum on cannabis by the end of next year, alongside a vote on euthanasia. The Green Party was promised a referendum on legalising the personal use of cannabis at or by the 2020 election as part of their coalition agreement with Labour.With the new information from Colorado, Family First New Zealand National Director Bob McCoskrie says it would be a bad idea for New Zealand to legalise cannabis, saying a “new industry of lobbyists and special interests will put profits over evidence-based policy protecting public health and safety.”He said regulation is failing in the nine US states that have legalised cannabis, and use among young people is increasing, alongside an increase in the number of car crashes involving cannabis.“New Zealanders only need to look to Colorado as good evidence for saying no to any referendum which attempts to legalise weed,” he said.READ MORE: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/09/family-first-warns-against-cannabis-reform-after-damning-colorado-report.htmlKeep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Solochek: New hometown shouldn’t switch team allegiances

first_imgMoving can be hard for anyone. You leave behind the people you know, the friends you have and even your favorite pizza joint.But leaving behind a sports team? That’s like leaving behind your parents, your dog and your buddies all in one. You’ve cried with your hometown team, you’ve celebrated with your hometown team and, like any good friend, you have probably made a few mistakes along the way that you can hopefully laugh about later (I’m glaring at you Chicago Bears for drafting Cade McNown).So, what are you supposed to do when you have to relocate?My father was faced with this same situation in the early 1980s. After growing up in suburban Milwaukee and attending this fine university, he obviously grew up loving the Packers, Brewers and Bucks. But, after attending graduate school, he found work in Chicago and committed what some north of the state line may call blasphemy — he became a Chicago fan.Of course, in the early and mid-’80s, it was a great time to be a Chicago sports fan. The Bulls had just drafted some guy named Michael, the Bears shuffled their way to a Super Bowl title and the Cubs weren’t that bad (which is saying something). So, my dad jumped on the bandwagon and has been riding it ever since.While my dad may have received a fair-weather gust to point him in the right direction when he relocated, it does not mean he made the right decision. Moving may take you away from the team, but it doesn’t take the team away from you.Since changing allegiances is not an option, what can you do when you move?To me, there are several plausible answers to this daunting question. One is to adopt a second team. Now, this may be tricky, especially if you are like my dad and move to a city with teams that rival each other as much as Chicago and squads from the state of Wisconsin do. If this is the case, you have no choice. You must stay loyal to your original team at all costs, no matter how much you buddies berate you, co-workers send you taunting e-mails or girls turn you down because you are “an effing FIB.” The joy you get when your hometown team wins against your new city’s squad is even greater than it would have been had you been home. In business terms, the benefits of victory far outweigh the costs of being the butt of countless jokes.But, the case of moving to a neutral city can present a whole different set of circumstances. In this situation, it may not be so bad adopting your new city’s squad as your second team. By this, I mean you still root for your hometown squad (even if it means staying up until midnight to watch the late Lakers game on your parents’ Slingbox from the west coast), but you can also put some time and effort into casually cheering for your adopted city’s team.Sure, it is OK to maybe buy a new ball cap or even a jersey that calls your new city home, but, of course, there need to be rules. For example, if your new city’s team and your hometown squad happen to play each other, under no circumstances can you cheer for your new team just to escape some criticism that you may receive later. Also, it should be considered a cardinal sin hoping for “a good game.” That is just like calling a game a tie, which is only for stupid NFL rules and little league play. But, as soon as the game or the series is over, it’s OK to go back to rooting for both teams equally.While it may seem OK to adopt a new team, there are some downsides. First, if your new and old city both have football teams, who do you watch on Sunday? What if they are both noon games? What happens if they play each other in a championship game? You can’t celebrate if either team wins. That would just be silly.The other problem with adopting a new team is it takes way too much emotional strength to cheer for two teams. Living and dying each week, game by game, for one squad is hard enough, but for two? It would be enough to put me on Prozac. By the end of it, you would be one of those guys who end each week in a mild mood because you can be happy one team won even if the other faltered.To me, there is no real option. Especially with today’s technological advances (the miracles that are MLB.tv and NFL Sunday Ticket and Slingbox) it makes it a lot easier to be a Celtics fan on the west coast or a Cubs fan in the desert. Even if the bandwagon does come along, I’ll still keep my trusty ride.Ben Solochek is a senior majoring in journalism and history. An out-of-stater? Where do your allegiances lie? Tell him at bsolochek@badgerherald.com.last_img read more

Women’s basketball: Rebuilding effort continues as Tsipis enters first offseason with team

first_imgThe University of Wisconsin women’s basketball team suffered through another losing season, making it their fifth straight losing season and fifth straight season finishing outside the top 10 of the Big Ten.The season did not bear winning results, but there seemed to be a spark in its later stages. The offense appeared crisper, the ball went in the basket and wins followed. UW even picked up a win in the Big Ten tournament, something that has not happened since the 2012-13 season. Despite the losing season, things are starting to look up in Madison.Women’s basketball: Badgers fall in second round of Big Ten tourney to end seasonThe University of Wisconsin women’s basketball team delivered an enthralling first-half performance before hitting a wall in the second. Following Read…New head coach Jonathan Tsipis could be a major reason for optimism in the coming years for the Badgers. He took his former team, the George Washington University women’s basketball team, from a 14-16 record in the 2012-13 season to a 26-7 record in 2015-16 highlighted by a NCAA tournament bid and a first-place finish in the Atlantic-10 conference. His four-year tenure with the team is notable for its three straight postseason appearances and back-to-back first-place finishes in the conference.Based on Tsipis’s track record, it could be said that his first year with the Badgers is comparable to his first year with George Washington. He improved the record of the Badgers from 7-22 to 9-22 just like he did with George Washington. Tsipis has started an upward trend in Madison, the only question is whether or not he can sustain it and help to bring the Badgers back to the NCAA tournament.Tsipis has proven to be a strong coach throughout his career as the associate head coach on two Notre Dame teams that made it to the national title game. He was under the great head coach Muffet McGraw at ND and the transfer of success has shown, especially with his work at George Washington. This long-term success bodes well for a Badgers team that is coming off of a losing but improved season and is in a rebuilding phase.Women’s basketball: Badgers advance in Big Ten tourney with win over RutgersThe University of Wisconsin women’s basketball team moves on to the next round of the Big Ten Tournament after defeating Read…It appears that Tsipis will have a strong foundation to build from as the Badgers will return every significant contributor outside of Avyanna Young and the returners include leading scorer Cayla McMorris. Players like Courtney Fredrickson and Suzanne Gilreath will be asked to produce more as sophomores to match the contributions of talented Avyanna Young. It remains to be seen, however, if Tsipis’s reputation as a respected coach will translate to more recruits and better overall recruiting classes for UW.The question still lingers: Can Jonathon Tsipis right the ship completely and turn the Badgers into a perennial contender in the Big Ten, a conference that features national powers like Ohio State and Maryland? After all, the Big Ten top to bottom is much better than the Atlantic 10 is and this presents a very real challenge for Tsipis and the Badgers.All in all, the Badgers seem to be headed in the right direction after hitting near rock bottom the last couple of years and failing to put a winning and entertaining product on the court lately. The Badgers will need to continue to cash in on better and better recruiting classes if they want to compete for a Big Ten title. A lot of work needs to be done and that starts with better recruiting.Emily Hamer/The Badger HeraldIn his introductory press conference, Tsipis commented that he wanted to make a dome around the state in terms of recruiting and make it a priority to retain the state’s best high school players. He failed in that this year letting two of his top area targets slip away. But there is power in Tsipis’s name and there is a good chance that recruiting will pick up for the Badgers especially if a winning season appears in the next couple of years. Strong intrastate recruiting will help to create buzz around the team and to create a network to reel in the best that the state has to offer.The state of the Badgers is one of poor current results but also one of a bright future. An energetic, skilled coach like Jonathon Tsipis should be able to do wonders with a team that is like a ball of clay in his hands that he can shape into any form that he wants. This season wasn’t a winning one but there is no reason why this team can’t turn into a winning program once again. The reputation of Tsipis and a very young team signals to the fan base: it may be a process but winning days may be on the horizon.last_img read more