Two nations booed on a grand opening night for the XV Pacific Games

first_imgBoth were cheered on and booed later and this has been attributed to negative reports shared on social media.Fiji is reported to have complained about the water at the Games Village and the New Zealand football team about the accommodation standards at the Games Village and are therefore staying at hotel.Pacific Games Council Executive Director Andrew Minogue has stayed at the Village and has commended the Games Organising Committee (GOC) for an excellent Games Village.Some visiting technical officials from other Pacific nations including those from Fiji who have been in the Village since last week have been using tap water in the Village and have not complained.PNG Today has reported that Papua New Guineas, water company Eda Ranu CEO Henry Mokono has refuted claims by Team Fiji about the water supplied to the games venues, by saying PNG’s water through Eda Ranu is best in the Pacific and rank 10th in the World standard. It’s the safest water to drink during Pacific games.He said his company delivers safe, quality water to residents every day in the city brushed aside negative comments made by the Team Fiji.“My team were never consulted before the report went out. I am seriously concerned that such visitors coming into this country would judge Papua New Guinea by its cover and not look deeper to see what’s happening,” he said. …PACNEWSlast_img read more

MovieBob Reviews INCREDIBLES 2

first_img MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Stay on target Is Incredibles 2 good?I was disappointed.Oh no!!!Yeah… this one hurts.So it’s bad??I didn’t say that. It’s nowhere near as good as the original, definitely wasn’t worth 15 years of waiting and belongs on the low end of Pixar movies, but “bad” would be pushing it. It’s below average, disposable. Ironically, after such a long wait, it mostly feels like something that would’ve been thrown together quickly to get a sequel out as soon as possible right after the first one.Damn. Well, what’s it about at least?Picking up (literally) moments after the end of the original, Incredibles 2 once again centers on the titular family headed by Bob and Helen Parr aka “Mr. Incredible” and “Elastigirl,” a pair of semi-retired costumed-crimefighters in hiding living in a world where superheroes have been declared illegal. With the government program dedicated to keeping their existence hidden facing budget cuts, they’re approached by a brother/sister pair of telecom billionaires with a plan to bring “supers” out of the shadows by putting their money and public-relations muscle behind one and making a play for getting the bans lifted permanently. The nominal sequel conceit being that they’ve decided it’s Elastigirl they want as the initial centerpiece of the campaign – meaning that its Mom who takes the action-hero center-stage in this one while Mr. Incredible does the “tough guy flails comedically attempting to manage as a stay-at-home-Dad” B-story.So wait – with 15 years to write a sequel, they settled on “Mr. Mom, but with superheroes?”If only! The biggest overarching problem here is that there isn’t really a singular story at play as much as a dozen or so half-formed sequel ideas that keep getting brought up, sort-of explored and then left to sit: Mr. Incredible’s nascent emasculation anxiety seems like it’s going to be THE central conflict and… then just kind of isn’t, he just “gets over it” at a certain point. There’s a “Violet is dating” subplot that causes problems and creates situations and then… doesn’t really lead anywhere. Dash doesn’t even really GET a storyline to himself this time around. Frozone feels like even more of an afterthought than last time. There’s a lot of business about a “new generation” of Supers who get a big introduction scene and feel like they MIGHT become characters but then it’s clear they’re really just here to be part of a big battle sequence at the end.Okay, that’s a lot…There’s more! The main villain-mystery involving a new bad guy who can hypnotize people through TV signals gets a big enigmatic build, but the “shocking reveal” of who he is and what he’s all about is more of a “…that’s IT!?” Even the big leftover plot-point from the original – baby Jack-Jack’s powers – only gets “advanced” to the point of the other characters finding out and… that’s about it, it doesn’t end up meaning anything or taking the story anywhere particularly interesting other than creating an excuse for Edna Mode to get a two-scene cameo.So the issue is too much going on?Too much going on that doesn’t fit together into a cohesive narrative whole – the film is lacking a central theme or through-line. Yes, a baby with randomly-activated powers makes for funny slapstick and the sequences that play out as a result are some of the funniest in the film… but that’s all they are: Fun bits of animation only vaguely necessitated by a story that doesn’t meaningfully advance all that far from the first one until the last few moments – the narrative and “world” haven’t changed all that much and the characters are mostly re-learning lessons and repeating arcs they went through last time. It’s all so much jogging in place.The whole thing just feels kind of airless and uninspired – which is just… shocking, considering the pedigree. The original Incredibles was a huge, huge deal back in 2004. It was a literal bolt out of the blue that managed the impressive feat of being a bar-raiser for Pixar at the studio’s most untouchable moment. And it was an especially rare treat for superhero fans to see an original take on the genre that wrung fun comedy out of familiar tropes but also offered an engaging story that used those tropes in a thoughtful allegory about individuality, society, power and identity. And in many ways felt like a family-friendly, non-nihilistic take on Watchmen that many fans felt represented one of the best takes on the genre ever – animated or otherwise.What do you think happened?Well, a lot can go wrong – movies are complicated, and it’s honestly a miracle that anything gets made at all let alone getting made well. What I will say is that despite the original ending on a sort-of cliffhanger gag, writer/director Brad Bird maintained for well over a decade that he’d told the story he set out to tell and was in no hurry to rush out a sequel. But then his big auteur live-action bet-the-farm project, Tomorrowland, was a giant disaster a few years back and NOW suddenly hear we are – so that could be part of it. I wouldn’t suggest that Brad Bird and Pixar were being “dishonest” about believing in this story and having waited until they had one worth telling – what I can say is that it doesn’t FEEL like that… it feels like something that exists out of obligation.But it’s not a total loss?Not at all! The animation is excellent, the retro-aesthetic works as well as ever, Michael Giacchino’s score is consistently good and the staging of the fights and action scenes is endlessly inventive. It’s just too bad that there’s not a strong story or any real character depth to connect to it beyond whatever attachment you may or may not have maintained with the heroes from the first movie.It’s far from a disaster, but considering the pedigree and what a lot of people’s expectations were this is a genuinely shocking disappointment from Disney/Pixar.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more