Talking about the success or failure of the station in the past two years

minor do station also has more than 2 years, although a lot of things not learned in A5, many also know some fur, here would like to thank the A5, the first station was purchased by A5. And he made a small profit.

first introduced my station, Weinan talent network (, you can go to search, each keyword ranking is one of the best, in the local area, to the point where the Internet is the top.

08 years at the beginning of the establishment of the station in March, what is not a casual online forum, installation, buy a space and then began on the line, do not understand what keywords, etc. on the line every day, no change, 7 days time, disappeared from the Baidu website. It will also continue to own matter, with the Internet to download a program, then, is now the site procedures, HTML format automatically generated recruitment and job information, is conducive to Baidu included. read more

Wu Jian analysis of three common mistakes in personal website promotion


, there was a new friend who added me to QQ, talked to me about some promotional experiences, asked me how to quickly increase the traffic on their website, and asked me if IP was as good as possible… For such a question, I am sure that the answer is "not necessarily."". For the new recruits who engaged in website promotion may not recognize what is the site really need, and some misunderstandings exist in the work, always think "flow is king", today I will combine their experience to analyze several common misunderstandings under the new friends in website promotion the. read more

Summarize the experience of establishing a local website

has just started to learn when the station, just buy a space, upload a source code, send data, put it there, I think the site to start, think people see, did not think it’s not that no one to browse, put there, after a year no one to ask the top space, domain name fee, fee, spent several hundred yuan, but not what harvest. At that time, I do not know how to promote their own website, now contact this thing for a long time, is to understand some fur, then to the web site associated with popular forums about some posts, posts, is not blind, just send some useless water paste, others see the upset, do not click on your link to send some useful posts, for example, to solve practical problems of small skills post, there are some tutorial posts, the best is original, carrying over, traffic is not too high, the tourists search posts are usually find the answer, if you have no post the answer is not to see people, not to mention the replies, the recovery rate is less post irrigation, to see people not much, post and into the restaurant for dinner is the same reason, the more people come here, the more Go in and see what’s the difference. read more

What is the inspiration of the success of BuzzFeed in the model of the door age

Abstract: BuzzFeed has visited more than 13 million users from all over the world every day, browsing at least 5 and a half minutes each time. How did BuzzFeed do it? What should the media learn from BuzzFeed?

In the new media age of "

", "no center" means "everyone is the center"". Tens of thousands of "you" choice, changing the media structure; countless "small people" to promote the "big age"". You chose not to see the traditional portal, Chen Tong chose to say goodbye to Sina, Wu Chenguang chose to leave the Sohu…… More attention, traffic, capital and talent are shifting to emerging mobile Internet products and platforms. read more

The most important function and significance of website positioning is filtering

said in the previous article that site positioning is a realistic and specific goal.

, and the goal — the meaning of Web site positioning — is to filter and filter the functionality and direction of a web site.

We are not only in the

web site often encounter the chop and change. With those cattle threatening words, is tempted. For example, to see this thing is good, want to do, not long after another good thing to see, want to do.

has worked as a planner or a Requirement Analyst, and a lot of times, the demand side has a wide variety of needs and wants to see whatever they like. But the money is so much. Can you satisfy him? Of course not. Because there’s so much money, you can’t do anything. To tens of thousands of blocks, said to be a blog, and the function of more than Sina, you can do it? Obviously is impossible, unless sina is a fool, others can do tens of millions of things can do, he spent millions. read more

Playcafe closing founder sums up 10 failed lessons

review: Internet video games website PlayCafe founder Mark · Gao Dengsen (Mark Goldenson), the author summarizes the ten lessons, his business failed. The following is the main content of the article:

a year and a half ago, and my company co-founder David · naige (Dev Nag) with the founder of the Internet video games website PlayCafe, we hope to run a personal overweeningly ambitious and ginseng and highly interactive game show. Game player can watch our program, answer questions and win prizes form teams, real-time chat and run their own game, this is a huge project, although the game player enthusiasm is high – the user can watch the averaged 87 minutes of the show, 40% of users will visit again within a week, but the user the scale is still small. We may resume operations, but for the time being, we have decided to suspend the operation of the website and return the remaining funds to investors. read more

Grassroots webmaster site summary in March


1. station read initiation

2. looking for CMS

3. opens domain name to buy a space, begin to build a station

4. site March summary of success or failure

[a] like Taijiquan, I actually want to be a webmaster,

usually busy work, go to work and work, there is not much free time, free access to the Internet will play the next game, entertainment. Suddenly one day, I gave 80 years old, when the elderly Tai Chi Master shot training video said: "master, now Tai Chi Master is hard to find, if the fist friend exchange video sharing to more like tai chi how good is this?" and after a flash, now the Internet era, network world, if you can do a website, this dream is not difficult to achieve. read more

Discussion on developing and developing moderators of forum administrators

a good jar, not one or two people can support it. I have done a lot of BBS administrator, put all the energy in the external promotion and make their own vest, crazy posted above. Paste page after page, or no popularity, in fact, this is the past grassroots webmaster site thinking to do bbs. We evaluate a forum or standard, or whether the first interactive enough, ChuangJin chess feel good when treated by the administrator is fine, no matter what, people mobilize others and not let yourself in front of constantly on the run. The true identity of the administrator should do behind, is the core of the management and development of management forum moderators, good service spot bamboo axe. When the archives of the forum when the forum, does not want to go up at a certain time are not possible. read more

Analysis of the problems and solutions in the initial operation of the website

construction site is easy, difficult to operate websites, it is like playing Jiangshan easily, and defend the country as difficult as the truth. Relative to the construction site, even without any technical basis of webmaster, need only a one-time investment to obtain full-featured Web site, but if the site operations are outsourced to other institutions, so for the webmaster, as an investor, not a business man. When a new website is built successfully, it will face many problems, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects: read more

Grassroots webmaster will have spring

as a grass root webmaster, every day is always busy from dawn to dusk, in order to stay up late, is to make the site profitable, did not want to, the network of rice, not so delicious, money is not so easy to make, from enter the network at a loss, the day mixed in Internet, chaotic life, becoming a sick now, to follow the prescribed order work, maybe you will say it is the passion of the past, you might think it is rational, in short, to live a normal life with passion, without loss of reason, passion and not indulge in them. Normal work and rest, for grassroots webmaster, mud is precious. "Health first, work second" is the so-called principles, not chaos, there are plans, not busy, comb your work content, spend some time, sum up, formulate corresponding plans, will live very sunny. read more

How do stand through the record

, I have three or four years of Web site, right. What’s the beginning? I don’t understand the domain name, buy the host, do blog, toss and turn, no gains and rewards. Really understand how to make the weight and flow in the second half of 14 years, and teach me these stations, that is today’s protagonist.

station is not how, not to disclose the specific circumstances, only to loose brother said, in order to verify what I said is just personal experience, today only talk about, how I not stand on the successful completion of the record of experience, to provide you with a reference. read more

Learn from erotica data creativity and high end tastes

their every revision, every little button movement, affect the mood of tens of millions of users


@ I dark horse published a Tsing Yi authorization.

in a bitter product manager peer chat, a new PM frequently said to be a cross time map application to strong Chinese, I joked that it is better to be a good and not over the wall of the erotic website can achieve the purpose of strong Chinese. He told me to anger, as if I say a great insult to their intelligence and ambition.

well, then I’m going to do popular science to see who has the capital and despises porn &. With a few words on sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height: don’t look down on what they don’t know. read more

Local talent network user group analysis how to meet the needs of all types of users

local talent net main user group can be divided into two categories: recruitment companies and job seekers, how to meet the two kinds of users? Almost every city has a local talent net, the essence of the website is to meet the needs of users, the local talent network in operation before, must be careful to analyze the characteristics and psychology of users. For the recruitment of enterprises, this part of the user wants to select a high visibility, traffic and more local talent nets, and job seekers is so natural, and hope that through the talent network job. But talent network early station, there were not many people know of this station, site needs a lot of content, this period is also the site put relatively large, need to do advertising or activities to attract recruitment companies and job seekers to registered members. Back to the topic of this article, first analyze the psychology of these two types of user groups: read more

Earnings of the road crowd of white Formica female website

is well known that women’s Web sites on the Internet are very profitable. Have a profitable female website is also a lot of people dream of things, the Internet all kinds of female web applications are many, many owners including the author also tried, all because of similar content, promotion difficult, no traffic, ended in failure. Recently, the author in browsing some "tall" website found a secret, just suddenly realized, the original "Bai Fumei" female website is not our grassroots webmaster can play up. Below, the author opens the mysterious veil of feminine website profit for everybody. read more

How do traditional enterprises introduce nternet thinking

3 keywords: traditional enterprises, the introduction of Internet thinking.

"traditional enterprise"? What is a traditional enterprise?

in my point of view, succinctly speaking, the traditional enterprise is mature before the big development of the Internet, not in the first wave of the Internet to take the opportunity to transition success of the enterprise. Traditional enterprises are characterized by a stable production model and business model, stable business sources and fixed channels (precipitation more, output model is also standardized). Conservative, the desire for novelty is not high. The market characteristics of traditional enterprises are also distinct: 1., the market competition is sufficient; 2., the existing market share is stable; and the growth scope can be expected to be 3.; the acceptance of products by customers is relatively high. read more

Location analysis of tourism websites the difference between single view tourism and multi view Tour

Hello, I am an established four tourism website owners, to now fourth websites I gain a lot from the establishment of a tourism website, and now I see a lot of travel websites have sprung up, when I look into these travel sites, there are many webmaster and sigh, I walk in the road of today I write a travel website, hoping to help the tourism website owners.

many travel websites are a site to include many tourist attractions, for this practice I disagree, as a personal webmaster should concentrate on doing a local tourist attractions, travel more easily than the single view of tourism management, easy to optimize, please look at the following decomposition. read more

Discussion on the benefits of establishing independent blog by internet marketing staff

do network promotion, especially in SEO and most of them have a personal independence blog, but really do better but not much, not doing well, and the purpose of the blog is not clear, as the webmaster familiar Moonlight blog and Lu Songsong blog, whether popularity or profit is circle do good, here by me this rookie Li Liang as we analyze the establishment of an independent blog the purpose and benefits of


1, use blog to do keywords ranking hand

SEO for the novice, see more information, training and learning more, not to practice you are a novice rookie, but for a lot of black hat SEO technique is not very understanding, dare to take the company’s website to do the test rankings, if used the black hat tactics by Baidu K, then the consequences not only to be dismissed, be unbearable to contemplate, and may compensate for the losses! So to establish their own independent blog, set good keywords, and then learn the knowledge optimization out how much do the optimization results, a few words to practice first read more

Grassroots webmaster want to play mahjong with Ma Yun Ding Lei Shi Yuzhu

seems to have too many grassroots webmaster, hope your site can be in a year or half a year on the development of large, even a month to expand the site, this quick, ambitious attitude, how can we make a good website?

Compared with the traditional industry,

Internet is only the tip of the iceberg, and its development prospects are immeasurable. Basic necessities of life, leisure and entertainment, the news media, sports culture, emotional communication, etc., are hidden mountains of gold deposits. However, the people who dug into gold mines are often those who persist in the end and never give up. As long as you have a mind, no matter what type of Web site, as long as you do everything new, innovative, innovative, add content, never admit, three years later today, like now famous website, outstanding. read more

Figure Wang user demand = website profit point

in January 11, 2009, by the Shanghai owners association organization, Chinese Fukuoka, calmly co sponsored by 365, caifutong, net results NSFocus, Chinese net, Gu Le nail network and a number of units, Chinese red Union, common support and knowledge of marketing planning agencies, news release in cooperation with partners such as line that carries a lot of glory and dream Chinese grass-roots Internet Conference, will be the first Shanghai Cultural Festival to a climax and small website gorgeous closing. A total of 1000 colleagues from more than 800 sites participate in the conference, the theme of the web site for the upper and lower search. The following is the webmaster network Wang’s lecture content record. read more

Gourd monk do seven key points of news marketing

news marketing can be said to be more commonly used as a means of network marketing, enterprises or individuals continue to make news for themselves or products to speculation promotion. Then, the use of manufacturing hype news to marketing what are the key points need to pay special attention to the following? Gourd monk to share with you, do news marketing seven key points.

one, clear target direction

no matter any news marketing plan needs to have a clear goal of crisis public relations, brand communication, enhance sales or increase business or personal reputation, targets do not change frequently, the corresponding work on the target. read more