End of Saga Wisla Plock fans travel to Kielce given 400 tickets

← Previous Story ASOBAL EXODUS: Two players change Guadajalara for Qatar Next Story → End of “fairy-tale”: Barcelona not playing in SEHA All the saga regarding the “300” or “400” tickets given to Wisla Plock for the upcoming derby against Vive Kielce has ended. In the end Wisla Plock fans decided to travel to Kielce, after they were assured by Vive management that 400 tickets will be given to the away fans. What has caused a lot of “problems” in the biggest Polish derby has now come to its end, and we’re going to see fantastic atmosphere at the derby between the so-far undefeated in the Champions League and Wisla Plock, scheduled for the 2nd of March.

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